To All Battlefield Fans

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By now, many of you have probably heard about the next title in the Battlefield series, Battlefield Hardline. The Visceral Studio team has done an amazing job of bringing in a completely new concept while staying true to the Battlefield core gameplay pillars. I’ve been working with Visceral GM Steve Papoutsis and his team for several years on the cops vs. criminals concept and we think you guys are going to love it! We’ve always dared to try new settings and experiences with Battlefield and seeing this new one take shape is a long lasting dream come true.

That said, I want to be sure you all understand that introducing Hardline in no way means we’re done working on Battlefield 4. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Visceral team is leading the development of Hardline, while the DICE team continues to drive BF4. We are committed to giving you the best BF4 experience possible.

Let me tell you about a few ways we’re going to continue to improve the BF4 experience.

Continued Support: There are dedicated BF4 teams in Stockholm, Uppsala and LA that will continue to address any issues that might occur. But more importantly will also look to make significant additions to the game. 

Netcode Patch: We are also working on a major update to the Battlefield 4 netcode.

Community Test Environment: We launched and are planning to expand our Community Test Environment. You can see the CTE as our labs environment in which we’ll continue testing out new additions, improvements etc. before we go live with them. We’re expanding the CTE program to give more and more players the chance to test new additions.

More Features: Other features rolled out recently such as Squad Join, Rent-A-Server and Loadout Presets, many which have been directly requested by you in the community. This trend will continue. 

The games we develop are services. We focus on taking care of the games post launch, delivering new content to those of you who want it and always working hard to increase quality of play. We also continue to work hard to keep investing in areas where you tell us you see opportunities for improvements and new features.  Yes, we’re very excited to partner with Visceral on the development of Battlefield Hardline, but ongoing work to refine and enhance BF4 remains a top priority.

Best regards,
Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE VP & Group GM

hahahahahahhahaahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha didn't fix one and talking about releasing another. Ohh dice, who else to fuck us in the ass but you. I'm so glad that i got premium so that i can experience a broken game on many maps with many guns. with love from a battlefield fan since bf 1942. ;)
the future is the past and the past is the present can I get random Hoahhs for no apparent reason?
Maybe this will be the better infantry BF?
Don't call it Battlefield Hardline. It's not Battlefield. No DICE = No Battlefield. And as long it's not war themed, it's not Battlefield. Waiting for Battlefield 5 or Bad Company 3
soooo, are you DICE/EA are going to finally fix BF4? after a year of bugs, crashes, sound failures, texture droppings, I played yesterday and 7 out of 10 games froze, all of the with the good old dead silence at the beginning of each game, graphics, textures loading slower than a 2 legged horse. "There are dedicated BF4 teams in Stockholm, Uppsala and LA that will continue to address any issues that might occur" MAY OCCUR?? Its may occurring every single time. We all know the game was released unfinished, broken and with more bugs than a stray dog. BF3 was amazing, graphics, sounds, light, a stable solid game, how did you managed to take it back 10 years? I play on my 360, and the difference is just vomiting.
Battlefield C.R.A.S.H. coming soon
Getting really tired of people blaming everything that goes wrong in their lives on bf4. Yes the game has been super buggy, but what game hasn't? Be honest. 75% of people on here only complain because its the easiest thing to put blame on and every one else is. Games not perfect but is more then playable now and I will continue to enjoy it. People, dismount that high horse and have some fun.
Hardline is not a Battlefield game and you are just pushing the name so that people will buy it. Focus on the real Battlefield games and not spin offs..
DICE keep up the good work. Ignore the trolls :D
Wow to bad EA is still publishing this piece of garbage I might actually get it but after BF4 i'm done with the Battlefield series
I'm gonna stick with BF4 until a true new BATTLEFIELD born ,but hardline isn't a bf so I'm skipping for sure.
Fix this before you start making new games!
If it isn't made by Dice, it isn't Battlefield. Make the game standalone and just call it Hardline
Hardline will be released, BF4 will be forgotten much like BF3 is forgotten, actually BF3 was forgotten straight after the last DLC was released. There is a negative trend happening with EA releases which is the reason my wallet stays closed from now on. You want my money, you earn it.
Hardline looks like dog shit
I've played Battlefield since the beginning. BF4 will be my last. Thanks EA for turning this into a cash cow and closing your ears to the customers writing your paychecks. We are this far along and still we have in game hacks, falling through the map / glitches, spawning under the map, poor RNG, net code issues, etc. I can send a trouble ticket and never hear back from anyone at all. I'm sure this game will continue to sell to the kool-aid drinkers but I have given EA enough of my money.
Just kill it before it lays eggs.
why are most gamer's such whiners?
If the whole Battlefield Community Abandons DICE, then only they will learn to fix the game and then launch. Don't buy this Bull Shit GAME.
what the fucks with everyone bagging out anything they say? its a game and things are bing fixed. if you dont like it go play some fucking COD
wow..............the game looks horrific, boring and will definitely be broken...........and the fact that you put time and effort into making this game, instead of aggregating it to battlefield bad company 3. Im done with this series
Up the tickrate for the rest of the game so I can actually make it around a corner
Not one red cent from me for any EA product until I see actual improvements in game play and major fixes and improvements in BF4. Also pro- active and focused effective cheat protection measures need to be addressed and implemented. Harsher and more severe consequences are necessary to counter the hackers and the rogue companies that sell and provide these hacks.
its summer. hoaah this comment :) it will make my day
The community has learned and your investors have learned: EA is full of shit, and dice is not capable any more of releasing a game. The game was released 7-8 months ago and it's still pretty broken... CTE shows a really bad future, as that version is even more broken. A hint for the junior developers at DICE: the "open" betas are used to find out issues that don't happen very often and are by nature difficult to find, not something that is extremely obvious... so CTE is more of an aplha version of a released game... sad. You should all pay a visit to Bohemia Interactive and learn from them.
My game has been broken for 7 months...Do not try and BULLSHIT me!!! EA/Dice say they are going to try and continue to fix the issues with BF4 while they develop this new game...I call BULLSHIT!!! Dice/EA have already continued development on other titles which they said they were not going to do till they fixed BF4. Also they released DLC before they fixed the game like they said they were not going to do. Now I am supposed to believe this BULLSHIT? Anyways as all console players know the only thing that needs to be done to fix the game is to keep OOR players out of our servers. Easy enough to do yet Dice/EA refuses to do anything about it. There are tons of bugs in the game yes, but the worst and most game breaking problems(on last gen consoles) come from the poor netcode induced by bad connect OOR laggards. That is why this"To All Battlefield Fans" post from this Dice asshole is BULLSHIT!!! CTE IS BULLSHIT!!! All these PR posts mean nothing FIX THE GAME ASSHOLES!!!
Oh yeah, totally. DICE is ALL OVER BF4. Until the last DLC is out that is... Then work starts on next project, and support is cut down to a minimum.
The game maybe saved the infantry gameplay, but the true cores of Battlefield are: Big maps, lots of vehicles, and believe it or not, but NATIONS VS NATIONS AT A BIG FUCKING WAR! Hardline doesn't even stay true with the title! If there's no war, then there's no Battlefield. Simple as that
DICE how bout you fix bf4 with Visceral games so more people can make the BF experience actually fun andactually work and make the Dragons Teeth and Final Stand DLC for FREE to make up for all the crap that the BF community has had to go through with your unfinished product which I can barley play

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