Prepare for another Year of ESL Tournaments

4 years ago

As a year of competitive Battlefield™ 4 gaming is coming to an end, DICE and ESL are happy to announce that another year of tournaments is incoming! 2015 will bring frantic Battlefield 4 PC matches to the community with the Go4BF4 and ESL One tournaments, starting January and February respectively.

Even more elite teams will be added to the mix as the ESL One and Go4BF4 tournaments are opening up for North American players. The qualifying teams of North America and Oceania will gather in Germany with the European teams and compete in each season’s grand final, where the champions will be crowned after a series of intense Battlefield 4 multiplayer matches.

Apart from the frenzied Battlefield 4 games with live commentary from renowned commentators, there are also possible exciting tweaks to the tournament setup in the works – stay tuned for updates on this.

2015 will surely be the greatest year for competitive Battlefield 4 gaming yet, and we hope you’ll be along for the ride!

The Go4BF4 and ESL One tournaments are organized and sponsored by Turtle Entertainment GmbH. Information on tournament rules and setup can be found on and

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