Ask DICE: Give us your sound design questions

1 year ago 2036

As part of the Player Appreciation Month we present another issue of “Ask DICE”, where you have the chance to submit your questions to DICE developers about their specific fields of expertise. This time it is audio director Bence Pajor’s time. This is how Bence describes his role here at DICE:

BENCE PAJOR, AUDIO DIRECTOR: “I’ve been working with the audio for the Battlefield series since 2003; basically all Battlefield games since Battlefield 2 to the present. As Audio Director my task is to make sure the sound of the game stays true to the audio vision of the DICE Audio team. This includes all sorts of field recordings including weapons, vehicles, and everything else you can hear in the game. I’ve probably worked on almost every aspect of the Battlefield games so I’m more than happy to answer any question regarding sound!”

Submit your questions on sound design in this forum thread

The answers will be published on the Battlefield Blog by the end of this week. Thank you!

Sound design? BRING BACK DEFIB KILL DIALOGUE DAMMIT! "Zap zap motherf**ker!!!"
Give the AT mine a beep sound when a tank rolls over it so the driver has time to facepalm before he blows up! :D
Can I have elevator music play when my game freezes?.
Fix the netcode!
Why does the sound dissapear?
"Give us your sound design questions" lol what sound?
Not sure if Dice is trolling us or....
please change the sound of dmr´s most annoying sound ever
Shouting: "Man down" You often hear "We have a man down!" shouted out load, when you kill an enemy player and there is a teammate of him "nearby". Because of that, no stealth teamplay with your squad is possible. Why have you implemented this and why can't the soilder shouting at least hear his own shouting? Please remove it. Here's more info:
Pew! Pew!
I think the BF3 sounds were better, maybe add a little of that back in. Sounds too 'arcade-style'
Hey Brence, besides the sound glitching, in which you may have nothing to do with it. Pass on to the team, that we couldn't give a 3 Shinanigans about sound enhancement, when we have a serious problem with the Netcode. And that's just 1 of the main problems, so please let them know that this is literally not an importance or worry. Let the Hoorah's speak for me on behalf of the BF community. -Thnx
change the DMRs sounds please, its annoying
Bring out a D-Day DLC!!! This would be amazing
Here comes the fix the game posts
Back in Bf3 I used to have it set to "War tapes" sounded just like hifi mode but the explosions were alot louder, In bf4 it's the same, but everything has radio-ish sound quality to it... And I miss the sound you used for the snipers back in bad company 2, very powerfull echo came back to show that it was a really loud shot, I don't get the same feeling in bf4 with the snipers.
Spaming "Fix the game/netcode" won't do anything. Dice already know this. Just enjoy Second Assault tomorrow.
I really love the way the game sounds, but as I have read, an English voice over for the Chinese and Russian factions would be a nice option for those who want to understand teammates. Leaving it as a choice which could be toggled in the options menu would be best for those who want to be immersed and for those who want to feel comforted understanding their teammates commands.
How do you make the gun sounds in different locations? like in buildings, on an open field etc.
Honestly, the game is rather polished right now, as far as development has come since a rocky release, I present you with, the slow clap.
Thank you DICE!
First of all: you made a great job with that sounddesign! very dramtic and powerful sound setiings! I would like to hear a better nature sound. for example wind sound would be cool. general more real foleys like waterdrops from the rain etc.. this would end in a better overall feel for the player. everything that pulls the player more into game. realistic sound enviroment. especially for some little but important details. I like the setting of pac. island. my first comment was 'if there are wind sounds in addition and sounds from the breaking waves it would be perfect!'. my question? no question. only a thought or remark.
Dat face doe
Just please fix the net code. it really doesn't matter about the balancing and all of that if there's a bad net code.
Bring back the hilarious swearing please! "I'm getting my shit pushed in here!"
The sound of bullets which goes near you needs to be reworked cause they feel too dull. Will you bring any new updates to the sound in the future patches? By the way - "War tapes" sounded better as in BC2 so BF3 but it sounds terrible in BF4. - Will it be reworked?
Tomorrow it comes!!!

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