Happy holidays to all Battlefield fans!

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Watching the snow gently fall on the Kunlun Mountains of Operation Locker, we at DICE are filled with pure holiday serenity (mixed of course with feelings of glorious all-out war chaos). And we hope you feel the same! We would like to take this opportunity to wish all Battlefield fans happy holidays.

We also would love to hear about how you’re planning to celebrate the upcoming festivites, Battlefield 4 style. Will you be dashing through the snow in the aforementioned Operation Locker? Playing Commander on your tablet by the fireplace? Or maybe just creating christmas-themed emblems?

Whatever you do, we wish you all the best and hope we will see you on the Battlefield!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2014 <3
Christmas double exp please. This game is still in miserable condition, Santa would not approve.
that picture made my computer crash wtf dice
Wow, the game works really fine for me... But I bet if they put "We've fixed the game" post, at least 50 idiots would write down "FIX THE GAME" comments without even reading the news...
Christmas items ingame pl0x! I want a Christmas camo!!!
I'd hope people would spend time with their loved ones rather than playing BF4 on Christmas day tbh.
Got 99 problems but BF4 aint one!
Keep the awesome work up dice :)!
Merry Christmas, now fix your fucking game. c:
The DayZ Alpha is more complete than Battlefield 4. FIX THE GAME
Santa Dice give us Premium for free this year :)
I swear if anyone else says fix the game im going to do nothing lol. I love the game thanks DICE.
EA is being sued for BF4 being so buggy... Damn
Love ya dice, and keep up the good work on the game. I know a ton of people are giving you shit about it, but I hope for the best in the long run. HOOHA!!
Happy Holidays ^_^
1 thing is for sure, i wont be buying battlefield 5 no matter what ....
If you wish Christmas cheer to millions of people you ripped off, you gonna have a bad time.
Happy Holidays DICE keep up the good work peace!
somehow no1 posted "fix your shit" etc. so it goes from me for the first time: FIX THIS SHITTY GAME!
i will play BF4 in 2015 when ALL GAME WILL BE PERFECT FIXED Happy Holudays EA, i will never buy a game from you....
Better yet DICE, fix the aiming down sight / FOV annoyance. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/forum/threadview/2955064766645593353/1/
wish you all the best, may god give you the wisdom and knowledge to do your jobs efficiently.
"Happy Holidays" what a joke. It's Merry Christmas you stupid p.c Swedes
fix the game = Im noob cant play and always die. its always noobs who cant play that cryes
Merry Christmas!
Happy holidays to you too, DICE

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