NOW: BF4 PC Game Update released

trydling 3 years ago 2159

Just a quick note that the next PC game update will arrive Dec 3. Among other things, it removes the EMP blur effect we’ve seen your feedback on, as well as the “one-shot kill bug” and the audio issue prevalent on Golmud Railway and Lancang Dam.

As usual, you can always find out the latest on upcoming and released game updates and server updates in the Battlefield 4 Control Room.

PS4 will also get a game update on Dec 3, detailed in the Control Room in this post. We are also finalizing the next game updates for X360, PS3, and Xbox One, but we don’t have set dates for those just yet. It is looking likely that some of those will be ready at the end of this week at the earliest. We will have more details on the dates and contents of these soon.

You better make this patch actually FIX a game....
Hooah if you are feeling the game is in a playable state now :D (or will be after the next patch)
Lets see what it will break...
fix the netcode
Won't fix shit, will screw up more stuff. DICE™
Rubber-banding and massive FPS drop please ?
Fix the "Revive Bug" NOW! Hoah?
You negative, impatient fucks annoy the living hell out of everyone else.
False hope.
Dice, you spent time fixing on things that people doesnt care about.. Like ''Tweaked the network and computer performance screen to show proper values. Players can now test their computer and network connection and get recommendations if they need to adjust something to improve their gameplay experience'' LIKE WHO CARES? Im running out of patience atm right now. I want big issues getting FIXED, like CRASH, NETCODE. THESE THINGS!!
NO CRASH???!!!!!!????!!!!!
Too late, I already stopped playing.
ALRIGHT!!! WAY TO GO DICE.... Thanks for all your hard work guys on this amazing game, even at the early buggy stages it is still amazingly impressive. Can't wait to see what the finished product will be like. So forget all the cry babies on this forum and keep doing what your doing. To the cry babies.... This game may freeze every now and then, so just turn of motion blur and try again, if not, then go outside for once and get some fresh air, getting stressed over a game crash just ain't worth it dude. The dude abides...
Please fix the could not join the server problem?
well everyone with an IQ higher then 10 knows this patch will not fill everything but I will be hap[py if the sound bug and EMP blur are fixed. The rest not a big deal for me...
hopefully less crashes and netcode shits again...
Everytime I play on Siege of Shanghai Conquest Large my game crashes after 3 minutes of actual playtime, fix it !
Hooah for Paul Walker... :(
What about netcode? When will you do something with that?
What about the crashes ?
What about the "bf4 stopped working' problem? mainly during intermission/map change.
Not any of stupid things you fixed is important !!! Are you just playing with us ? In details must be crashes and netcode, otherwise FU !
5 minutes of gameplay and 3 crashes.
Still it crashes. Before the update,the game was kicking me while its loading. Now it crashes while i am playing. Battlecrash..hooah!
Wish it'll fix the problems
I hope its gonna be good :)
So you're saying I still can't play Shanghai and Dawnbreaker because you didn't fix the sound loop freeze? kthxby

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