Premium Double XP Event Moved

trydling 5 years ago

We continue to work hard to further increase the stability of Battlefield 4, and if you have yet to hear about our Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation program head here [] for all the info, including Double XP for all Battlefield 4 players between Nov. 28 – Dec. 5. Seeing as this now overlaps with a previously planned Double XP weekend for Battlefield 4 Premium players, we are moving back the exclusive Double XP event for Premium members to the weekend of Dec. 7.

This way, all players can take part in the Player Appreciation 2XP event, while Premium members [] still will get an exclusive 2XP weekend. We will get back to you with exact start and end times for these.

For the latest information on game updates and server updates, head to the Battlefield 4 Control Room here on the Battlelog forums.

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