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Here’s what’s coming next for Battlefield 1

Battlefest is over – and it’s been a thrill seeing you tackle community missions, fight for Dog Tags, and chase down DICE developers on the #FridayNightBattlefield servers. You’ve earned tons of XP, cracked open Battlefest Battlepacks, and shown us the true meaning of PTFO.

Battlefest was a blast. But there’s much more around the corner.

Starting this week, you can try out a new Battlefield 1 Custom Game called Line of Sight – a take on Rush where Medic and Scout are the only classes available. With double bullet damage the Scouts are more lethal than ever and as a natural counter to this, Medics will need to make optimal use of their arsenal to balance out the teams.

In December, the new map Giant’s Shadow which will be coming to Battlefield 1 as part of a free* update. Here, you’ll take part in the Battle of the Selle in the cold autumn of 1918, where a massive crashed airship casts its shadow onto the battlefield.

Looking even further into the future, the first Battlefield 1 expansion They Shall Not Pass will arrive in March 2017.

For a two-week head start on They Shall Not Pass and three other expansion packs, consider getting a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass. Apart from the expansion packs, a Premium membership also comes with 14 Superior Battlepacks, priority in server queues, and more.

Expand your Battlefield 1 with Battlefield 1 Premium Pass


BF1 is the Hardline sequel. Here's waiting for BF5
"heres whats coming next for battlefield 1" but this is the bf4 battlelog
You should really follow R6 Siege's content system instead of premium.
why post the BF1 junk on the BF4 pages.... BF1 is junk.
Pls no.
nice, not looking forward to it
Battlefield 1 needs Battleye. Sort it out, DICE!
BF1 is an over hyped, overpriced, big studio, big budget, over advertised cookie cutter at this point like COD. Once the curtain is pulled back, what is left? Mediocre game. The idea of WW1 is equally poor and a ploy at cashing in on the same old stuff. Outside of theme, there is nothing different about the latest BF from last 2 games, or it's worse.
Like this post..
Now that we know that BF1 is a flop and a massive disappointment. Whats next DICE? You really need to pull a rabbit out of your hat for the next one, or you may wind up going the way of the dinosaur.
Stop the stupid "IP BLOCKING" first if you really respect the gamers and who are legally paid for what they bought from you. You are stealing from us by doing this if you understand that !!! Why you don't solve our problem in "Iran" like other countries with the same problem (you grant their access to their games and profiles in few hours and our problem still exist in near a month !!!) Thanks to you for your action like a 4th (!!!) world country man !!!! that power and Arrogance is in top not the humanity.
like if you wait BF5 or BF BAD COMPANY 3
Battlefield 1 is prized at 130€ in the ultimate edition, which is the "full" game. Are you insane?
Looks like a full court press on a dying game. Trying to entice the BF4 holdouts by adding more content to a game with issues. A word of advise Dice, don't count on gamers to be fooled twice. On BF5 make it squad/team based and reward well planned tactics and you will do fine.
Hooah! for mustard gas and cheap hookers!
Maybe the "old achievement system" was way better can we go back pls thx?
One of my top favorite battlefields so far. Good Job Dice.
Bad company 3 please drop the battlefield prefix
Hey Guys!!
Yeah you're welcome. Thanks you for all the stuff i didn't get for playing battlefest
Thanks for ruining everything you touch...Battlefront 2 will have all the stuff you charged us for in Battlefront. Charge full price for a mod (Hardline). And where is the in game server browser for BF4, freeing us from this terrible BattleLog? Good luck in the future...
Аnyone who buys premium is a fool
Fix the BF1 manü system.. cant exit from the game and play BF4 after BF1. Fix the sniper limei in BF1!!!!! Only sniper and shotgunnoob kill me.
battlefest its lengendary -------------------------------- I love dogtags its a cte and aliens and phantons ----------------------------------------------------------------
We need Admin control for rental servers or this game will die fast from all the hacks! Who want to pay to rent a server that dice runs anyway..
You NEED more MUD and MANURE, and a SCRATCH AND SNIFF APP to SMELL all the P*** and S***

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Thank you for joining Battlefest
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