Vinyl Edition of the Battlefield 1 Soundtrack Now Available

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Whether you’re basking in end-of-round glory after a multiplayer victory or taking on the thrilling singleplayer War Stories, the soundtrack of Battlefield 1 is there to maximise your experience.

Now, the Battlefield 1 soundtrack is available on vinyl. This deluxe heavyweight vinyl includes 17 amazing Battlefield 1 tracks, a 12” collectible poster, a clear PVC Battlefield jacket, and a download card with 8 bonus digital tracks.

Amazon: The Battlefield 1 Original Soundtrack on Vinyl

The Battlefield 1 soundtrack was composed by Johan Söderqvist and Patrik Andrén in partnership with DICE.

“We are truly happy about releasing a version of the soundtrack on vinyl,” say Söderqvist and Andrén. “It’s the coolest format by far and we hope it will become something of a collector’s item for the dedicated.”

The two composers started out with a strong vision to make a dark and emotional score; to convey the emotional hell and devastation of the war rather than making ”cool” music.

“The war was brutal and we wanted people to feel something and still keep the energy up. Of course we also wanted to pay tribute to the long Battlefield tradition where we use the classic theme in many variations and shapes.”

The Battlefield 1 Original Soundtrack is also available as a digital download:

iTunes: Battlefield 1 Original Soundtrack

Apple Music: Battlefield 1 Original Soundtrack

Spotify: Battlefield 1 Original Soundtrack

DICE, deal with cheaters in BF4, instead of producing useless stuff. Please
Oh, yeah! Cheaters, glitches, exploits, bugs, no optimizations, etc.? We cannot fix it! Stop playing the game, just listen to the music! ... :(
Fixes for the game are also available on vinyl?
piss off, dice.
BF4 > Hardline + BF1. You still owe us night maps DICE
Do something usefull. Here's one, any player who enters multiplayer with unauthorized code running has their games SERIAL NUMBER (Not their bloody avatar name) banned from all official servers. They can still play single player, they just cant wreck the game for others anymore. Die hackers Die
LoL you wont milk any money from me.
Well who doesn't have a turn table just hanging around?
fuck the music ban the cheaters and deal with it
I want this gadget:
The soundtrack and the even sound and voice over itself in that game is absolutley horrible, are you actually serious this is too funny
Haha add more weapons to BF1 instead this shitty piece of crap
Look Dice I agree with your useless stuff but please deal with bf1 hacker because of them we cant play good
This website is keeping track of cheaters. report to them anyone who you believe is hacking during one of your games
from youtube free
ima get this
Hmm, songs good. Soundtrack for Battlefield 1 was really awesome.
Battlefield 1 is one of the nice games i played . But i play Battlefield 4 because i am Operation Locker junkie :D
Could it get anymore gay....soundtrack?? MORONS!!!
Senpai, plz fix hackers! there are over 9000 thousand. Not noice. Harambaeee would not approve of this boi. If-if-if-if-if you think otherwise, KYS. Sincerely, Scarce
WHAT a lovely gesture instead of patching this buggy game lets listen to vinyl instead of dealing with hackers lets put the lovely soldier figure from gold edition and put on vinyl let it spin instead of playing this game till its properly patched and ready for gamers without destroying their expierence I think 1 of the worst bugs is not being able to use a gun after being revived {you have to change your weopn for secondary and back and most of the time is too late to use it and you die anyway again very angry}
The disc is too big it doesn't fix in my Xbox wtf dice?!
yeah!!!!!!!!!!! if i buy 2 i could mix with them!
Pls resolve the 3659 port .
"Insert DICE Pls here"
haha BF1980
who even has record players anymore, oh, i do,,,,,

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