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We’ve now launched Battlefield 4 on five platforms (with Europe getting the game this weekend on PS4.) Like always, we are committed to support the game for a long time, and we have already made a number of updates to the servers and the game. For example, we recently rolled out a new game update to PS4 players.

For all the latest information on how we are supporting the game, please head to the Battlefield 4 Control Room here on Battlelog.

Excuse me... fix the damn netcode please.
THANK YOU DICE, you guys work hard and take the heat while ea makes the money.
Could you comment about the netcode/hit detection issues? What are your plans to improve it and eliminate (pun intended) for example the situations where person is dying behind cover even after seconds?
Excuse me... fix the damn netcode please.
I have the ultimate tip on how to be satisfied with BF4 for no irritation... Have fucking patience! Games like these can't be perfect after so short time. The only thing you can do to actually help is have patience and list problems you are having in a nice tone! Believe me most of your problems are probably your own software or hardware malfunctions to the game. Try research yourselves to see what might actually be wrong with YOUR gear instead of assuming it's the game. There are millions of possible reasons your game might for example crash and about 90% of those are probably your own software or hardware! No everybody just keep calm and be patient so we all might be happy.
Fix Directx Crash :)
Here comes the generic "OMG FIX THE GAEM PLS" and "FIXK THE FOKEN NETCUDE" and "Dunduddndudn gaame crash hurr durr" comments
Shame on you EA/DICE
You could bother fixing the fucking crashes. Work 14 hours per day if needed, i don't care. You're the ones who released a product that doesn't work as advertised while you're now sitting with my money in your bank accounts. You have my money, i don't yet have the product that is working as advertised. So keep pulling night shifts until i do.
Battlefield 4, the ultimate Crash Simulator!
Fix Directx Crash :)
Before release commercial LIES of DICE about improved netcode,better hit-registration,and quality overall. After i paid the premium price, i got worst netcode ever,absurd hit-registration and crash after crash. You want feedback?Play a couple of rounds on the servers and you know where the problems are! Take your time and do it,if not ill quit that game!!!
FIX BF4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fix the game!™
Fix game :(
The game runs great on my PS3. You know, other than a few lags here and there, and maybe one crash every 20-30 hours of play. Which is still less down time than I experienced with BF3. HAHA Suckers. Didn't you expect some bugs from a new game, on a NEW system? And even the best pc games on the best pc's are unstable at the best of times. Did you not know this? is this your first gaming experience? oh its not.... Then stop whining and go kick some a$$ babys!
When I bought that game for it's full price - I wasn't agree to be a tester, I wasn't agree to see that game is changing every day, and wasn't agree to change half of my PC settings in order to run the game. Cut this shit.
fix the game
EA/DICE. You guys rock! I have not had a single issue throughout the last month playing BF4! It is one of the best games I have ever played and it is obvious that much time and effort was put into it and will continue to be put into it. Even if I had experienced problems, it would be understandable. With current gen, next gen and PC all at the same time, that is quite a daunting task. All the HATERS out there need to go figure out the real problems in their lives and stop acting out on a video game.
Stop posting this shit and fix the game... omg. Srsly...
You're trying to distract with news, from the extremely negative response you've gotten from the community, and doing it by linking a video where a guy drops C4, hitting the desynched chopper which had flown by. Well done once again. You did get "Only in Battlefield 4" right at least, because I have never seen another game where having the length model be displaced, be a bragging value.
Wow, so many people still having problems. I haven't crashed in a good while!
I'm so happy that I never bought the game :v
I really hope who ever decided to push this game out early is currently fucking fired. I don't know when it became common practice for companies to treat its customers like beta testers. But the best part is, the sheeple mother fuckers all over EA/DICes shit. You people are the most meek, retarded fucks I have ever met....and you will continue being abused by everything and everyone with that attitude. I'm currently selling my copy, and Im just out the money on premium. The aggravation this game causes constantly is far from enjoyable. DICE pls do something !!
Right now this is what i feel like doing to my bf4 cd
Ignore the guys saying "FIX THE GAME". If they can do better, I'd like to see it.

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