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Stworzono: 20.10.2014

12 123 / 16 000

125 123
112h 36m
Players Of Extraordinary Skill

A group of friends started this platoon to have fun and post our stats. We're a friendly bunch of guys who enjoy long walks on the Kharg Island beach and enjoy blowing shit up.

A few fun and interesting bits of info on the guys:

PSYCHOsmurfZA: Likes to lace alleyways and rooms if he isn't blowing your face off with a shotgun. He no longer rage quits. He is a mini Hulk when it comes to LAVs or BMPs so watch out.

Kn0bsh0t: Our newest recruit in terms of stats but by no means lacking in terms of skill. When he isn't struggling to figure out which one is the defib or the medi-pak you might find him sniping in the bigger maps.

Bush Ninja SA: Jack of all trades but master of none. Likes to play the kits as evenly as possible. Gets pissed off when he dies and moans at the glitchers and campers so much he can feel his controller giving way to snapping.

A few guidelines for applying:

1. Know what POES really stands for and accept it.
2. Invite your friends

A few guidelines for when playing as part of the Brigade:

1. Select your specialisation to cover all kits. Let the other guys know so you don't spawn with the same stuff.
2. Squad Leader calls the objectives so PTFO (Play The Fucking Objective). No lone wolf shit unless you're moving away to be a mobile spawn.
3. Listen to the calls for ammo/medi-pak.
4. If playing assault and a team mate goes down listen to them if the area is still hot. Don't run in to revive and get yourself and them killed. Clear the area first before reviving unless you have support with you.
5. Work as a squad to eliminate vehicles. Assault should sit back to revive and drop health whilst engineers and support engage. Recon is there to spot targets and take out incoming infantry as well as have a spawn beacon in a strategic position for the squad.
6. If more than four players are online at one time two squads or more will be needed. Try to balance the squad. No point having two recon on one squad with nobody to spawn on their beacons etc.
7. Remember to tag your enemies so the rest of the team know their location. Don't forget to call out where they are as well.
8. When taking an objective remember to spread out and take the objective from different angles covering each other as well. You will be eliminated sitting as a group all looking in the same direction.
9. If your area is not receiving any contact that doesn't mean run away and join the fight elsewhere unless the squad leader tells you to. Your K/D is less important than the team effort. Kills don't win games alone.
10. Have fun. Play as a team. Remember it's a game but play with integrity. Never leave on a bad note.

We will run servers when available so watch this space for news and updates!


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