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What up GUTS!!! Nostalgia and shit hittin' me!!!
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Vice-Commander here with new update server, its in HARDLINE its called GUTS Hotwire 24/7 JOIN have fun add to ur favorites enjoy thx.
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Colyonce sorry about the late response on your tourny invite MeRK is down for future scrims please visit us @ www.merk-gaming.com feel free to challange us anytime. We use our website more then battlelog. Challange us in BF4 section in our forums please.
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This is Vice-Commander of GUTS note to all we have two new server's up GUTS TDM and GUTS Conquest these server's is set-up for premium players and for the public to enjoy. Have fun and add to your favorites.
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We have 3 server's to choose from GUTS TDM 24/7, GUTS Conquest 24/7, and GUTS Arena check them out have fun and add to your favorites we'll see u in the battlefield.
7 years temu
5v5 Dom scrim!!!!!????!?!?!?!??!
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5v5 dom scrim this Friday?
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