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Stworzono: 21.07.2014

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➙ Introduction:

This is the Official PS4 platoon for Team USA, otherwise known as Team 'Murica. This platoon consists of the best competitive players living in and from the United States of America.

Team USA has participated in WNT 2012, WNT 2013, WNT 3, Americas Tournament 2013, WNT 4 and now WNT 5. You can find all the results of official matches played at the bottom of the description.

If you are an active competitive player and you think you have what it takes to be in here, check who to contact below.

If you want to cheer us on feel free to wear tags and support your country, so cereal!

Teams Represented:

Match Organizer: Deus
Infantry Squad Leaders: Ruud, Krivo
Armor Squad Leaders: Kilaueas
Air Squad Leaders: Ren

- Contact CodeName_Deus on Battlelog or PSN

➙ Notice:

Despite drama between clans all over the community, Team USA pushes all drama (if any) aside as all of its members work together to prevail against other nations, as a team! If you plan on applying or joining, take heavy note that any ego, disrespectful attitude, etc. towards any member or clan representing our team will NOT be tolerated. If all the clans represented in Team USA can work together as a team cohesively, so can you.

Unwillingness to do so means you are not a part of the team, therefore not 'Murica!!

➙ Official Media:

Youtube Channel:
http://www.youtube.com/user/officialteamusa [youtube.com]

Livestream Channels:
http://www.twitch.tv/CodeName_Deus [twitch.tv]
http://www.twitch.tv/pkrivo [twitch.tv]



Battlefield 3

WNT '12 Results:

vs. Mexico: 2-0
vs. France: 1-1, 1-0
vs. Russia: DNP
vs. Portugal: DNP, POR Forfeit
vs. Ukraine: DNP
vs. Slovenia: 2-0

WNT '13 Results:

vs. Latvia: 2-0
vs. Ecuador: 2-0
vs. Brazil: 2-0
vs. Canada: 2-0
vs. Mexico: 2-0

WNT '13 Playoff Results:
http://challonge.com/WNT2013 [challonge.com]

vs. Denmark: 2-0 (Round 1)
vs. Mexico: 2-1 (Round 2)
vs. Sweden: 2-1 (Semi-Finals)
vs. Finland: 0-2 (WNT '13 Finals)

WNT III Results (CQ, CQDOM):
http://challonge.com/WNT3GroupA [challonge.com]

vs. Ecuador: DNP, EcUa Forfeit
vs. Chile: 2-0, 2-0
vs. Peru: 2-0, 2-0
vs. Brazil: 2-0, 2-1
vs. Mexico: 2-1, 1-2

WNT III Playoff Results (CQ):
http://challonge.com/WNT13Playoffs12vs12 [challonge.com]

vs. Greece: 2-0 (Round 1)
vs. Netherlands: 2-0 (CQDOM 2-0, Round 2)
vs. France: 2-1 (Semi-Finals)
vs. Finland: 0-2 (WNT III Finals)

WNT III Playoff Results (CQDOM):
http://challonge.com/WNT3Playoffs5vs5 [challonge.com]

vs. Greece: 3-0 (Round 1)
vs. N/A: DNP, Forfeit Win (Round 2)
vs. Saudi Arabia: 2-1 (Semi-Finals)
vs. Finland: 0-2 (WNT III Finals)

AT '13 Results:

vs. Peru: 2-0
vs. Venezuela: DNP, VZLA Forfeit

vs. Chile: 2-0 (Quarter-Finals)
vs. Peru: 2-1 (Semi-Finals)
vs. Brazil: 2-0 (AT '13 Champions - Finals)

Friendly Scrims:

vs. Amigos de Guerra Brazil: 2-0
vs. United Kingdom: 2-1
vs. Denmark: 1-1
vs. Detox Competitive: 2-0

Battlefield 4

WNT 4 Group Stages:
http://challonge.com/WNT4GroupC [challonge.com]

vs. Colombia: 2-0
vs. Mexico: 2-1
vs. Chile: 2-0

WNT 4 Playoffs:
http://challonge.com/WNT4playoffs [challonge.com]

vs. Denmark: 2-1
vs. Germany: 1-2

Friendly Scrims:

vs. Chile: 3-0
vs. France: 2-0


Copyright © 2015 Official Team USA PS4.


Hello everyone, with a new Nations tournament coming up on Battlefield 4 (PlayStation 4) we have reopened recruitment to players born and living in the United States of America.

Recruitment is open for all categories: Infantry, Armor, and Air. We are looking for top players with competitive experience in Conquest Small (Clan Wars, Tournaments, Leagues etc). If you feel like you match this description and haven't received an invite yet, please feel free to apply.

When you apply please add me on the following account: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/ESB_Deus [battlelog.battlefield.com] . If you don't add me then you won't get accepted.
NOTE: For new players, match footage is always welcome if you are new to the competitive scene.
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4 years temu
slayers xb is shit
1 year temu
Hello, my name is Miquinei Head Administrator of World Nations Tournament Organization (http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/1123215323013680717/). [battlelog.battlefield.com] I would like to update your Team on what is going on with WNT4 event. First off, I'd like to inform that we recognize your Team as "Official National Team" and would like to congratulate you on the progress of establishment. Secondly, the tournament will take place mid/end August and we're going to start inviting teams/accept applications at somewhere at the beginning of August. We're unsure of the format at this point (most likely 15v15 CQ Small) but until that time, please make sure that you have the best possible roster full of infantry, tankers and pilots. Additionally, if you have any contact with media who would be interested in exposure for WNT or you're interested in helping us organize this event, please don't hesitate to contact us on: worldnationstour@gmail.com. Thanks and GL, HF!
5 lata temu • 3 polubienia

Team USA is looking for some extra players, specifically a couple Top Infantry and 2 Jet Pilots. Players looking to join need to contact me and apply on the platoon to be considered, players who fail to do so will likely be ignored.

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100 mbps speed
4 years temu
I'm available
4 years temu
The new official Team USA platoon has been remade and we will be looking for new players to replace the old inactive ones while we gear up for WNT 4.
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^ to bad to join
4 years temu
Recruitment will open again once the new WNT is announced. It is closed until then.
4 years temu
Thanks for the scrim, Team USA have great players :)
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GG's to Team Chile. Thank you for the fun games.
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Murica looking nasty!
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Hello everyone, the announcement of our starting date is not out yet as Danni is currently away. However, we're going to start adding Team Leaders and Representatives in order to see how our Teams are doing. We also need to do some polls about few rules such as, 10v10 or 15v15 and couple other things regarding server settings like 3D spotting, FF on or not etc. Below will be posted instructions on how to join our platoon and what are your responsibilities as Representative.
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We'll be accepting no more then 2 representatives. It is in your best interest to pick the right people for the job. They will be the ones to speak for their Nations (we do not appreciate their opinions though - so make sure that whatever is posted or said, will be a with accordance to what your Team wants to achieve). To join the platoon, simply apply and the ones that have "leader" or "founder" status in their platoon will be added (if more people apply we're going to prioritise the founders). Rules will be posted soon, they're being carefully tailored to ensure we're ready for most of situations and incidents. Myself and Danni have been doing this for a bit now and we know that tight rules need to be up to date and sound. However, before we set anything in stone we'll collect your feedback and make sure that we get to satisfy most of you. It's all about you guys and it's all about e-sports. Here's the link to our platoon, go ahead and apply and make sure to let your buddies know about our competition! Thanks, Miquinei
5 years temu
Sorry, forgotten about the link http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/1123215323013680717/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
5 years temu
(freedom intensifies)
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