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Website: www.a1armyofone.com/ • Created: 2014-02-27

7,495,416 / 3,306,000

3738h 36m
Teamspeak Server: ts.a1armyofone.com

The reasons I am an Army of One

I am here to have fun, to joke around with my cyber mates, but most of all laugh. We do not see each other, we cannot shake each others hands to say g'day or have a beer, but what we have that is better is that as our social, economic, appearance, religion, race, sex, age, sexuality does not ever matter. Why, cause we are the Army of One. The thing is we all tolerate each in ways that most social circles don't. The clan was born on a democracy, the freedom for each member to contribute to the whole of the clan. When you get to wear the A1 tag you have equal status with every member of A1. That is why each member has a vote and a say on the direction of the clan. Remember these things when you put those A1 tags on. We all say things in the heat of the moment, apologies are pretty instant bridge builders. Do not let things escalate!

We are Army of One

"I might not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" Voltare.


Hello fellow gamers, i'm putting together with the help of HellsGhetto, Guskit and Level.gg gaming, a final FAREWELL to bf4 with a 12v12 CQ small cup for Oceania & Asia on PC.

We are hoping to have 6+ teams sign up, doesn't matter about skill level, i want to give a taste and chance for anyone bold enough to grab there clan, team, friends or find other teams to join to MAKE this dream come true before the release of BF2042 as a final swan song to a well aged game. please reach out to me on discord and find all the inf you need in the link bellow! Currently 12 teams interested.

***Event Info***
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G0joQbsB9ciFXLXeo6sfuL0ZnYXsvqvEvLp0fIfyKZo/edit [docs.google.com]

Twitter post here for more info or to follow the support group
https://twitter.com/EBKnispel/status/1420572931407507458 [twitter.com]
https://twitter.com/HellsGhetto/status/1420992215971598336 [twitter.com]
2 months ago • 0 Like
Hey guys. Do you have any interest in trying to setup weekly clan matches when BF1 comes out?
5 years ago • 0 Like
Keen for a scrim ?
5 years ago • 0 Like
Thanks anyway but most are playing BF1 and other games at the moment , ask the 4K guys they Scrim us here and there ;)
5 years ago
hi, im from perth australia and was looking to join your platoon
5 years ago • 0 Like
Hey A1,
Been playing BF4 for a while now and have decided to join a platoon. From what I've read, you guys seem like an awesome bunch!
I'm 17, although not for much longer, and enjoy serious yet friendly gameplay.

Thank you for your consideration,
5 years ago • 0 Like
Was good to meet you in TS the other week Quantum shame we havent seen you around since ...
5 years ago
Hi A1, looking to join a platoon with like minded mature players. I am 35 and looking to join a platoon long term. Hoping there are some spots open.


5 years ago • 1 Like
hey guys names Mark,

I'm 17 going 18 from Aus i just converted to PC and i am looking for a friendly, funny and serious platoon to join for the kick start and long run of my BF4 PC career.

thanks in advance for the consideration
6 years ago • 0 Like
Hi All,

Just looking for a group to play with. Not easy playing lone wolf or with disorganised squads not covering each other etc...lol.
I play fairly regularly and go okay.. well sometimes ;)
Anyway it'd be good to see how well everyone plays.


6 years ago • 0 Like
Hey Peacenz
Just saw your recruitment drive on the battlelog forums and sounds like A1 have common interests, rules, and general attitude to gaming that we have at NXT (Also AUS/NZ). Best of luck with the new recruits and to anyone on this page thinking of joining but not sure. A1 sounds A-okay to me. Go for it :-)
6 years ago • 0 Like
Are you guys recruiting?
6 years ago • 0 Like
Hey guys, give me shout when/if you start recruiting. Looking to join an AUS/NZ clan. Play as often as the wife will let me LOL (usually Wednesday and Sundays). Nothing serious, just here for fun.
6 years ago • 0 Like
Can any admin help me , Getting kicked from your guys servers , I live in NZ its saying connections from NA not allowed , My isp here in NZ ( Flip ) uses new IP range that are not in most servers database
6 years ago • 1 Like
You guys opening applications for pub squads? I haven't got the time for competitive anymore, but keen for a gang of like-minded operators for public squading. Let me know
6 years ago • 1 Like
Ive recently accepted applications to =A1=s Platoon and sent out a few requests to some new friends , please note once your a Member of =A1=s Platoon it does not mean your a full Member of =A1= as its just a way of showing your support for us and we ask you not to ware
the =A1= tags until you have gone through Membership process . Many Thanks PEACE ;)
7 years ago • 0 Like
7 years ago
6 years ago
Hi everyone. I just went looking for some info on NZ/AU platoons and came across your post. I'm keen to join! I recently built a gaming rig and bought BF4 to test it out... now I've become addicted. The only thing that's lacking is some headset banter, so I'm hoping you can help out with that. Cheers guys and girl.
6 years ago • 0 Like
Army of one? fucken army of one kd's fucken faggots
7 years ago • 1 Like
Oh look - A hero! What are you gonna do now that you cant head glitch sunshine?
7 years ago
Some people play for different reasons than K/d, your AEK mastery is exemplary and I expect you are proud of that. With mastery tags for only five other weapons, at your level I am disappointed and would find you to be a boring adversary, frustrating true, but boring none the less. Sometimes its still fun to die in this game. Some of us have fun, A1 have fun together and we support each other. So when your ready to stop being a trolling loner dont come to our TS as Im pretty sure no one wants you there.
7 years ago
Hello, my name is Joe. Just got bf4 a few days ago and while getting my bearings in game is fun, I felt I needed to take it to the next level. Hope I get accepted and look forward to meeting some you! :)
7 years ago • 2 likes
JGR would like to set up a competitive Hard Core platoon battle. I'm WP battle coordinator for JAEGER. If =A1= is interested friend request me on battlelog and we can set details up.
7 years ago • 0 Like
Quote of the day "Pluck her into first, gave it some jandal and f*%k yeah" Scott Mcglachlan getting second place on the last turn in the super v8's last weekend.
7 years ago • 1 Like
Quote of the day "Assumptions are the mother of all f*$k ups"
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