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Definitive Leagues coordinates online gaming tournaments for several First Person Shooter (FPS) games such as Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and the good old Medal of Honor: Spearhead. Hopefully we will expand our range of diversity over the upcoming months. In case you want to help with setting up new tournaments, please let us know! We are interested both in new games as well as in tournaments for games that we already are familiar with.

Ever since Definitive Leagues was founded it is known for good honest play and understanding between clans. Definitive Leagues tries to keep a pleasant atmosphere both on this site and during matches

We have been known for housing well-behaving teams and running fair competitions with a touch of sportsmanship for a long time now. This league has thrived on trust and good manners and will continue to do so over the upcoming years.


As of today I am proud to announce that the first season of our Battlefield 4 league has now finished.

Congratulations to.......*drumroll*

22SAS, =ENG= Lions and TOPS for their respective first, second and third places as overall winners of this season!

The complete overall results can be found here:
http://www.definitive-leagues.com/battlefield4/results/. [definitive-leagues.com]

Please go ahead and visit our trophy room for this season. It can be found here:
http://www.definitive-leagues.com/battlefield4/trophy/. [definitive-leagues.com]
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For the complete announcement, see: http://www.definitive-leagues.com/plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?9615 [definitive-leagues.com]
7 years ago
Is Definitive Leagues closing down definitively? Please be aware of the important announcement on the future of Definitive Leagues on our website: http://www.definitive-leagues.com [definitive-leagues.com]
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Due to an unfortunate mistake on my part, I had to make changes to the scores of two matches. These changes affect the listing of the top three winners of our first Battlefield 4 season.

More information here: http://www.definitive-leagues.com/plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?9615.0#post_9633 [definitive-leagues.com]

I sincerely apologize for this error and I thank you for your understanding.
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All of our Battlefield 4 matches have now been played. The final results will be published later this week, along with the announcement of this season's winners!

Keep an eye out for the return of the Definitive Leagues trophy room, coming up later this week!

Thank you to all the teams who have been participating in this season. It was a pleasure hosting this league for you guys.

Cya on the Battlefield!
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Our first season of Battlefield 4 on Definitive Leagues is nearing its end. Thank you all for a great season. Results will be published shortly after the final match has been played.

Stay tuned for more information on the future of Definitive Leagues.
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BF4 CR's please check the CR area on our website regarding updates on the mid-season break. Thanks!
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Feel like contributing to Definitive Leagues? Check out different ways to support us: http://www.definitive-leagues.com/pages/support.php. [definitive-leagues.com] Thank you!
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Moc, Our DBL LSAS representative is away for a few weeks, Can we re-arrange for Wednesday 16th please, I tried to logon to the dbl website and my details seemed to be incorrect, Apologies.

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Hi Rogue, thanks for contacting me. You can reset your DL website password here: http://www.definitive-leagues.com/fpw.php [definitive-leagues.com]
In case that doesn't work, let me know and I'll manually reset it for you.
8 years ago
add me to the list? :)
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Sorry for the delay, I missed your message. You can always hit the apply button for this platoon. I've added you as a friend now, so I can send out an invitation as well.
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Feel like contributing to Definitive Leagues? Check out different ways to support us: http://www.definitive-leagues.com/pages/support.php. [definitive-leagues.com] Thank you!
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Check out our DL Battlefield 4 Leaderboard: http://www.definitive-leagues.com/battlefield4/leaderboard [definitive-leagues.com]
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Update regarding teamroster deadline: http://www.definitive-leagues.com/plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?7908.0#post_7996 [definitive-leagues.com]
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Definitive Leagues now has her own platoon :)
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