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Website: www.cks-gaming.co.uk • Created: 2014-03-01

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what is time no longer cks server ? :(
3 months ago • 0 Like

Dear admins,
I recorded teamkillers in wbks golmud server, thisk ids again play today your server, and same teamkilling doing, sabotage team, we can't play!
This pathetic retard losser playing enemy team, name is : xXFire_Rocky and he friend playing my team name is: BULLET_WISPERS

BULLET_WISPERS use jeep and driving to rocks, xXFire_Rocky waiting him, and xXFire_Rocky dropping c4 whispers car, and whispers comming friendly vehicle, driving, and say xXFire_Rocky blow up c4 jeep.

Video you see how killing teamnates this retards:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViLM2VHusqY [youtube.com]

permaban this guys please, i report all golmud server this noobs.
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/BULLET_WISPERS/stats/1238590518/pc/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/xXFire_Rocky/stats/811906556/pc/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/Retired_Rabsoo/stats/817301208/pc/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
8 months ago • 0 Like
I can see only xXFire_Rocky in our server player database. No single record in chat log though. I think banning them preemptively wouldn't be fair. Use !report if they break any of our rules.
8 months ago
Cheater is an admin server http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/hit757/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
a shot and death
11 months ago • 0 Like
google("Golmud Railway IEDs map");
Then you'll realize you don't know this map.
11 months ago
HE is good player, not cheater!
8 months ago
(CKS) Ares_Topcat : Fuck Cheater Platoon
1 year ago • 0 Like
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You should be double ashamed.
1 year ago
11 months ago
Hi,I registered in your website but have not yet received a confirmation email(1hour passed)
1 year ago • 0 Like
Hi RadRzRg, i've added you on battlelog. I've re-sent the email if you don't get it let me know and I will sort it out.
1 year ago
Also check your spam folders, activation emails have a tendency to be detected as spam.
1 year ago
hit757 gay loves to suck big cocks
1 year ago • 0 Like
Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: wasting slots for trolling are u fuckig serius?
1 year ago • 0 Like
When the server is full and your team is trying to PTFO, there's no time and place for fooling around with flying jeeps and sitting at the base on C4. You can fool around on empty (or not full) server, when there's room for joining players willing to play.
1 year ago
Buglastic warned me in the chat for inapropriate behaviour. my reputation gone from 22 to -8???
1 year ago • 1 Like
If you were killed and then I crashed to the ground it does not mean RAM! Are you afraid for statistics? The first of the CSK is disgusting.
Banned at least forever than playing with such a person with the right to the admin area!
1 year ago • 0 Like
Strafing almost vertically, knowing you will have no time to pull up... crashing into the target, also post mortem - that's what it looked from my point of view. You did this at least 2-3 times in a row. If I didn't manage to pull back, you'd ram. You know definition of insanity? Doing same thing again and again, expecting different results. Anyway, unbanned already. Hope you cooled off. I did.
1 year ago
If I flyin up or other i will die, and i think i can kill you and go away.
But you had more HP points than I thought.
1 year ago
Hi CKS team,

I really enjoy playing on your golmud only server, but a hacker (not a guy of your team,) is just ruining the expererience on this server : aimbot, damage increase, invisilibty ... I tried to initiate a voteban, without success ...

the player : http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/fr/soldier/Pvt_Donut45/stats/248528964/pc/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
If needed, I can post videos to prove the cheats . Can you do something please ?

1 year ago • 1 Like
Thanks for the info, he will be banned.
1 year ago
1 year ago • 0 Like
hey guys! your admin "-IIBeepField4II-" bans me because i rekt him on jet! (big mouth guy) not to mention i didnt even swear lol. not expected CKS behave same as RA admins! u guys can keep me banned but please do look into what kinda admins u choose. cheers!
1 year ago • 0 Like
(CKS) DaddyCool777777 : Fuck--UK--Cheater Platoon.
1 year ago • 2 likes
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1 year ago
llAnt0nll : Idiot
1 year ago
Why people think that CKS is a platoon full of cheaters? Seriously…
1 year ago • 0 Like
Dark_Semi is on server now hacking away,,,pls ban him, game is no fun 166-7....
1 year ago • 0 Like
a clan of fags and cheaters
1 year ago • 2 likes
Daddy Gay learn to Play! LOL for your Weapen Stats!!! Learn this! Or then i see you in Heli i ramming you!
1 year ago • 0 Like
you swtiched team to ram me with jets after i rekt you right? you got to be really mad to come here and write this..... bt, you should go learn how to play, because teamramming isnt they right way to play bf4 :)
1 year ago
(CKS) DaddyCool777777 kicks players who use littlebird with reason ''trolling'' :D ... np for me, there are plenty of Golmud servers to play, but think abt why ur server is empty. Gl from me :)
1 year ago • 0 Like
lel i dont remember you but i dont kill ppl without reason
1 year ago
there was something you must have done, were you the one who just landed next to the base and told me to get out of the little bird? thats trolling to me
1 year ago
Ch40s_xx ist son richtig, krasser Versageradmin :D Ragekickt mich, weil er zu low gegen mich ist :D Level up, du Hampelmann.
2 years ago • 0 Like
1,27 KD :DD
2 years ago
No doubt you got kicked for baserape, it seems to be the one rule that people cannot grasp. Please read and respect the rules we have on our server so everyone can enjoy the game.
2 years ago
@Swe_Lusus: camper4life! U r some of the greatest camper noobs in the game!!!
2 years ago • 1 Like
I guess you didn't like it when he killed you :) He must have really annoyed you for you to go the effort of posting something here, thank you!
2 years ago