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Website: esfgaming.com/ • Created: 2015-10-26

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Welcome to the platoon page of ESF TEAM. Founded in 2015, ESF TEAM is the Premier competitive branch of ESF Gaming for Battlefield 4. The main goal of ESF TEAM is to grow and develop together to dominate the battlefield, and most importantly, have fun doing so. ESF Gaming has an established history competing in casual & competitive play since BF2 from over a decade ago. ESF TEAM will seek to proudly build upon and carry on the traditions of ESF Gaming and the respect and reputation the name holds.


ESF TEAM History

Competitive Montage- Spring-Fall, 2016 [youtube.com]
10.09.2016- BCL 8v8: Transatlantic Invitational League- 3rd
09.21.2016- CCS 10v10 Tier 1 Season 3 Playoffs- 2nd
09.14.2016- CCS 10v10 Tier 1 Season 3 League- 2nd
05.24.2016- CCS 10v10 Tier 1 Season 2 Playoffs- 3rd
04.14.2016- CCS 10v10 Tier 1 Season 2 League- 6th
03.10.2016- Inducted and promoted into Tier 1 of CCS 10v10 Season 2
01.02.2016- First Scrim vs "Team 777"
10.26.2015- "Q-Fire", "KingofSpades", and "Snip" are struck with Inspiration.
Official Site [esfgaming.com]
]ESF[ Gaming YouTube Page [youtube.com]
LEVEL.GG Page (CCS) [level.gg]
AUZOM.GG Page (BCL) [auzom.gg]

Recruitment Status: Closed
(You are still welcome to submit an Application on our website http://esfgaming.com/forums/index.php?/forum/29-community-applications/) [esfgaming.com]

ESF Platoons / Servers

ESF TEAM [battlelog.battlefield.com] - Competitive Platoon
Team Eternal [battlelog.battlefield.com] - Competitive Platoon
ESF Gaming [battlelog.battlefield.com] - Community Platoon

ESF | Vanilla Maps | CQL 60hz | powered by Nitrado [battlelog.battlefield.com]
ESF | 24/7 Operation Locker | powered by Nitrado [battlelog.battlefield.com]

ESF Owner / Director
Snip [battlelog.battlefield.com]

ESF TEAM - 8s & 10s

Team Captain / Founder
Q-Fire [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Ground Vehicles:
John3I6 [battlelog.battlefield.com] - Leader
RealBonZeee [battlelog.battlefield.com]
-Kurt-Knispel_LW [battlelog.battlefield.com]
Q-Fire [battlelog.battlefield.com]]

hockeeyyyy [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Air Vehicles:
ProLosco [battlelog.battlefield.com] - 10s only
El_momoy [battlelog.battlefield.com]
FrijoL_JoisL [battlelog.battlefield.com] - 8s only
KELLA_07 [battlelog.battlefield.com]
Jruuuu [battlelog.battlefield.com]

CjX / Ecks [battlelog.battlefield.com] - Leader
KidneyStones [battlelog.battlefield.com]
Monte [battlelog.battlefield.com]
PTFO [battlelog.battlefield.com]
Beastii [battlelog.battlefield.com]
FreezedGin [battlelog.battlefield.com] - 10s only
CheshireMoe [battlelog.battlefield.com]
Skrulord_Gump [battlelog.battlefield.com] - Leader/10s only/IGL
Chrispy / IggyAz4lea [battlelog.battlefield.com] - Leader/IGL
Wintahhh [battlelog.battlefield.com] - 8s only
SYM-JecK [battlelog.battlefield.com] - 8s only
SYM-Protoapex [battlelog.battlefield.com] - 8s only

Platoon Mascot:
JamieNoonz [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Inactive/Honorary Members:
Frosteyy [battlelog.battlefield.com],
Bloody [battlelog.battlefield.com],
Vanguard [battlelog.battlefield.com],
Onion [battlelog.battlefield.com],
Appa [battlelog.battlefield.com],
Rage [battlelog.battlefield.com],
Jp5 [battlelog.battlefield.com],
servoooooo [battlelog.battlefield.com],
CHAES [battlelog.battlefield.com],
hockey [battlelog.battlefield.com],
KingofSpades [battlelog.battlefield.com]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJYhfPeTF_w&t=2s [youtube.com]

Emblem by
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/HELIX-N8TheBeast/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Gravatars by NicoleBizzle

Join us on Discord
https://discordapp.com/invite/Qp8usm7 [discordapp.com]

ESF Gaming Supports BF4DB http://bf4db.com/ [bf4db.com]


ESF-Norman, I can't add you, you have a full list of friends.
7 months ago • 0 Like
hey hockey you told me to play the objective and i was and just because you were butthurt you banned me. you are a bad admin and i hope your powers get removed.
1 year ago • 0 Like
i hope someone removes his kame hameha (aka TOW) that power is 2 stronk
1 year ago
can i join?
1 year ago • 0 Like
invite me
1 year ago • 0 Like
No cheaters
1 year ago
1 year ago • 1 Like
hello guys. https://i.hizliresim.com/8djQva.jpg [i.hizliresim.com] https://www.247fairplay.com/CheatDetector/ZyklonErase [247fairplay.com]
https://www.247fairplay.com/forum/ban-appeals/ban-appeal-classicweirdo/ [247fairplay.com] no youtube video, no live stream, no esl acc :D plz kick all servers seen times. second acc. https://www.247fairplay.com/CheatDetector/backtoerase [247fairplay.com]
1 year ago • 0 Like
1 year ago
The admin hockeeyyy have a private revenge for me. https://bf4db.com/forum/thread/ban-appeals-236 [bf4db.com] please help me! he Abuse of rights BTW the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXcq2Euc4fM [youtube.com] Untenable evidence . please help me thank you very much!!!
1 year ago • 2 likes
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I am job.
1 year ago
give hong kong and taiwan independence
1 year ago
hockey, get a job you fucking no life retard. 2000+ hours and still relying on pure luck. Sad little faggot
3 years ago • 12 likes
2 / 6 comments Read more
^ lol
3 years ago
And then what happened?
1 year ago
LMFAO got banned from ESF servers... I love It... VICTORY IS MINE, when you farm a clan so badly that they switch from official to ranked just to ban you.
2 years ago • 0 Like
Hello I'm south korea platoon YBFB founder.
I want to match with your team. Can you do that?

We hope CQ match and 20 vs 20 or more.
2 years ago • 0 Like
hello can 10:10 ~ 32:32 match?
2 years ago • 0 Like
2 / 3 comments Read more
im AF platoon Member
if 10:10 , 16:16 , 20:20 , 25:25 , 32:32 CQL ~ All mod choice and call AF
can match.. AF is have Server
2 years ago
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 와 여기서도 보넹ㅋㅋ
2 years ago
fake and gay
2 years ago • 0 Like
This isn't your diary, Shadawoop.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Hello guys!
Please answer the survey honestly and tell us if you'd like to have one more BCL season/cup! We need the feedback!
https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/357JQLN [fr.surveymonkey.com]
2 years ago • 1 Like
I'm not fucking signing up to answer a fucking poll. Use Strawpoll.
2 years ago
The link to my profile under "Emblem by" is still SnK-N8TheBeast. Change to: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/user/HELIX-N8TheBeast/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

2 years ago • 0 Like
changed it
2 years ago
Plez let ma join, me da bestest of the betterest players. Plez *smiles weakly*
2 years ago • 0 Like
Fuck off retard cheater
2 years ago • 0 Like
2 years ago
(PEW) ESF-John3I6 ; Fuck Cheater Platoon
2 years ago • 4 likes
can confirm
2 years ago
proud to have played w u boys >.<
2 years ago • 1 Like
I wish you lived in my pants instead of Brazil so you never had to have schedule probs.
2 years ago
2 years ago • 1 Like
Goddamn, you got Momoy and Jru?! Niceeeeeeeeee.
2 years ago