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Website: www.mbtcentral.net • Created: 2014-02-27

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Hi guys, this platoon still active?
1 year ago • 0 Like
Hello MBT..Iriz..Can U Approved My Proposal Joining The Team? Thank U
5 years ago • 1 Like
Can I join the team?
4 years ago

Dear all,

Kindly pls take note that Synarchy-Freek, Synarchy Xypher and forsakenblox are found guilty of performing DDOS. The affected servers are those in Singapore and Hongkong. They had also accused Ignite E sports of mass DDOSing the servers while they are the actual ones masterminding such disgraceful and illegal acts. Therefore Synarchy-Freek for forsakenblox had been expelled from LOFR. Recently they took revenge on us by reporting a mumber of LOFR members to BF4db for stat spading.

Please see the evidences in the following links.

http://moonradiance.imgur.com/ [moonradiance.imgur.com]

Read in the sequence
1) Confession of DDOS attacker on bf4 servers
2) Evidence of Synarchy insider on Synarchy-Freek
3) Other Evidences performed by the DDOSer
4) Interogation and conclusion of Synarchy-Freek
5) Verdict on Synarchy Freek by LOFR Council

Most of the communities in Asia are gathering together to boycott
Server Address: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/PC/cff9d0c1-9411-43e2-a8b7-40cece287f04/Synarchy-DOMINATION-NO-SHOTGUN-C4/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Please do your part for the communities in BF4 arena and for standing up against such disgraceful and illegal acts.
4 years ago • 0 Like
hello people.
5 years ago • 2 likes
did i just accidentally give myself a Hooah. Whatever man.
5 years ago
Hey guys, When can we scrim? is it possible today?
5 years ago • 1 Like
Scrim Guys ?? :)
5 years ago • 3 likes
5 years ago
Game FIXED ~ time to get back to business
5 years ago • 0 Like
nice games with you guys tadi. apologise for late reply. hopely we can organise some practise clan scrim. we still new clan :) harap tunjuk ajar.
5 years ago • 2 likes
you are welcome
5 years ago
First!! LOLOL
5 years ago • 1 Like
mbt server cam ader prob je, tade update?
5 years ago