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Website: www.gs96gaming.com • Created: 2014-03-01

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Welcome to the BF4 Platoon page for the Golden Sidewinders 96th Division (GS96). We are a Multi Gaming Community on the PC founded in June 2009. Our primary mission is the following:

'Provide an environment for older gamers who show maturity & respect for other gamers no matter what their skill level may be.'

GS96 was founded by older gamers to be a place for older gamers to make good relationships with other members while playing the games we love. We are not interested in 'drama' but we are interested in good times together.
•Majority of GS96 members are over the age of 30. We have many in their 40s, 50s, 60s and Badaboom1942 who is 71 years old.

•We accept those over the age of 21 years old but they must show the maturity & respect to fit in with those older in GS96.

•We respect all gamers no matter their skill levels. We have many highly skilled members along with those new to PC gaming.

•We have opportunities for members to be involved in the GS96 operations. The more they are involved the more opportunities are made available.

•We strive to have a good time & fun while playing all the games we enjoy.

GS96 also has several members who are Christians. While GS96 is not a Christian clan it does support those members as well as proudly supports its friends at 'Body of Christ Gaming' and 'Christian Soldiers 7th Division'.


speedy!!!!! miss ya buddy where ya been?
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