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Website: www.halodiehards.net • Created: 2014-04-22

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Why play with randoms when you can game with enjoyable people who PTFO? This is an adult-only co-ed competitive-casual platoon for gamers who use comms, work together, and try to get along. Looking for gamers who play hard to win, but are fairly laid back. Bonus points if you make CHa0s laugh.

Play to win, and have fun doing it!

This Platoon is for mercenaries: no guarantees how long it will be up, but while I fight by your side, I will fight to have your back.


PS: If you Request to join the Platoon, please send AddiCt3d 2CHa0s a message on LIVE or Battlelog


So, haven't been actively recruiting, but it sure would be nice to have moar gaming buddies in Battlefield 4. If you're here reading this, why not join ze Platoon? No need to make us your active, let's just keep in touch...
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Welcome to Diehard Mercenaries. We're getting games in several nights a week with a lot of great diehard Battlefield 4 gamers, including members of other Platoons. Consider Diehard Mercenaries a portal as well as a place to hang your helmet: squad up with us and meet other great Platoons you can join as well.

You choose your active Platoon. Diehard Mercenaries has no rules about what emblem or callsign you have to wear to be a member. We exist to get our game on with great people who play hard and are easy to get along with.

Start making connections with other adult gamers, and join us RIGHT MEOW!
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