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Website: www.facebook.com/alliancex • Created: 2014-02-27

7,990,839 / 3,306,000

2573h 48m
We are a community and we used to play competitive 8v8. Currently the competitive team is inactive.

#1 - BNL season 3, division 3
#1 - BNL season 4, division 3
#5 - BNL season 5, division 1
#4 - BNL season 6, division 1
#1 - BNL Summer Cup 2015 lower bracket
#5 - BCL season 7, major division
#6 - ESL BF4 8on8 Conquest NightCup #3 Europe
#2 - BCL season 8, minor division

Game server
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/6408bde1-6d5c-4d8d-897c-0981c09e2b61/ACX-Game-Server/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

TeamSpeak server

Facebook profile
https://www.facebook.com/AllianceX [facebook.com]

Competitive games
We do not currently play in any competitive tournaments.

Recruitment is closed.

Currently not playing scrims.

### 8v8 Lineup ###
There is no current active lineup.


Hi guys! We are announcing a Battlefield 4 tournament with a prize pool! "Rubicon 8x8 Cup Autumn 2019"

Here are the main points of the upcoming event:

- Registration http://rubigaming.com/forums/topic/2397-registratciiaregistration/ [rubigaming.com]

- How to register to the forum for team capitan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTfFwCvDmcM&feature=youtu.be [youtube.com] ATTENTION!!! at the end we apply exactly for this tournament Rubicon 8x8 Cup Autumn 2019

- The tournament will be held from September 2019 until its full completion. The exact dates will be announced later.

- We play 8V8 CONQUEST SMALL Detailed rules can be found here in this same branch , but in the other topic http://rubigaming.com/forums/topic/2398-rulespravila/ [rubigaming.com]
- Start will be given in the case of registration of at least 8 teams, the type of tournament grid will depend on the total number of teams.

- At our tournament there is a prize fund, not just that would be a lot of money, but remember at least one tournament in 8V8 CONQUEST SMALL where there were at least some prizes...

- The prize fund is open and any team, participant, any person can add to it some amount of money, details and all methods of transfer are listed below.

- At the moment(1.08.19) the prize fund is about 700$

- The total amount will be distributed between 1 and 2 places in the ratio of 70 to 30 and transferred to the specified team captain details.

add me if you have any questions(team captains only)
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Welcome to GOLMUD - 64p - 24\7 -CRABSERVER for fun-
https://goo.gl/qWRzDV [goo.gl]
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go away, crabman
2 years ago
dont be so rude mum
2 years ago
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/8655212531420084559/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
Lmao comment something on the platoon wall
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fucking faggot wallhack
2 years ago • 2 likes
me like
2 years ago
very good player :o
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u mean hackers
2 years ago
Hey! Can i join :-) ?
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...and call jevs a potato.
3 years ago
2 years ago
Hey guys, can I join your platoon?
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2 years ago
Fuck Polacken Cheater
3 years ago • 4 likes
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Again? I can give you some lessons... noticed your K/D was 1-12.
2 years ago
(BANO) ACX-TheSource : Kaaskop Idiot
2 years ago
hello guys. https://i.hizliresim.com/8djQva.jpg [i.hizliresim.com] https://www.247fairplay.com/CheatDetector/ZyklonErase [247fairplay.com]
https://www.247fairplay.com/forum/ban-appeals/ban-appeal-classicweirdo/ [247fairplay.com] no youtube video, no live stream, no esl acc :D plz kick all servers seen times. second acc. https://www.247fairplay.com/CheatDetector/backtoerase [247fairplay.com]
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The hardcore League is reaching out to some of the top Battlefield Competitive Teams on PC as we are now supporting all platforms. We’ve mostly been on console but since BF1 we’ve branched out to PC and PS4 and are having at least 3-4 matches every weekend in our open season since DICE gave us kick/ban features

The Hardcore League is a competitive Battlefield community that organize, host, moderate, and shoutcast every competitive match with top of the line graphics for our teams. We have a 3 month open season ladder followed by a tri-monthly tournament. We support large scale competitive Battlefield, nothing smaller than 12v12. We feel that Battlefield was made to be played large scale, so that is what we do. We are the next big league in Competitive Battlefield, we have a fully functional staff and support group that allows us to work closely with our teams to ensure the best competitive experience ever brought to the Battlefield.

Hardcore League Community Leader
http://www.hardcoreleague.co [hardcoreleague.co]

https://youtu.be/ZtjqQPxBQrA [youtu.be] 25 vs 25
https://youtu.be/LdlTPUFz0kE [youtu.be] 20 vs 20
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that's nice and all, unfortunatly it's bf1, which is a bad game.
aaaand 90% of this team has either quit gaming or bf (atleast to my knowledge).
thanks for reaching out, good luck in making it big and known, believe me i want you to succeed :D
3 years ago
MoneyCube not hitable with his connection. Jumping as fuck. He wouldnt be that good without his hardcore zouzou jumping and with a normal ping
3 years ago • 0 Like
the funny thing is, it doesnt matter my friend... none of it <3
i have my ping and i cant fix it, and i zouzou cause i can, deal with it .
3 years ago
u have worse accuracy than me xD
3 years ago
could i join? :)
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Just wire some money and we will make you a member. EZ
3 years ago
Source's PayPal: DutchStud69@gmail.com
3 years ago
Hello guys!
Please answer the survey honestly and tell us if you'd like to have one more BCL season/cup! We need the feedback!
https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/357JQLN [fr.surveymonkey.com]
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Won't happen. Amrut is busy being terrible at R6 :^)
3 years ago
3 years ago
Lol, ACX-TuffTone 63 kills 25 Headshots 20% accuracy should i go on ? the guys using a mild aim assist as well as a no spread/recoil macro. i would ditch this cheating looser fast.
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bcuz i luv y.
4 years ago
u say tuff is hacking? u should take a look at other ACX members then <3
3 years ago
Took long enough xD
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3 years ago
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pretty much
3 years ago
armseelige cheater
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Can i join maybe ? ^^
3 years ago
Missed those comments
3 years ago
MeepMeep your mother is whore.
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Can you accept my request?? :c
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what are requirements to join platoon
4 years ago • 1 Like
there are currently no requirements, we only add players we need, and for the time being we dont need any more players, sorry.
4 years ago