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Website: coming soon! stay tuned. • Created: 2016-06-22

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FARPOINT is a BATTLEFIELD Platoon. We are welcoming Mild Experienced Individuals to High Experienced Individuals. It is Designed for BATTLEFIELD 1 but we have already had it started it on BATTLEFIELD 4 and looking forward to expanding this platoon as big as the community desires.

1.Never disrespect the clan FARPOINT tag
2.We will kick you if you are not active to make space for more active members
3.World Peace!

Match Making, Role-Playing and Mil-Sim.

Coming Soon for BATTLEFIELD 1. (TWITCH and YouTube streaming Community).

Some of the many objectives of this platoon is to create a creative, friendly and competitive community within the Battlefield franchise and games in general.

If you would like to join please apply and if the founder/leader doesn't accept you within a week PM (Private Message) us. Discord is a MUST.
DOWNLOAD HERE: https://discordapp.com/apps [discordapp.com]

We'd like to thanks EA, DICE and Visceral because of they're fantastic work on all of these years of making extremely good gaming content.

-MerchClaf (CEO) - This means, she's the BOSS.
-SOS Sir.B (Executive Advertisement Minister) -Deals with publicity.)


Hey what are you guys looking to do?
2 years ago • 0 Like
Hi, am I able to join? Idk if ya'll have PS4 members or not.
2 years ago • 0 Like
You're able to join. Some of us have PS4 and some don't. :)
2 years ago