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Website: www.blrplatoon.ga • Created: 2017-07-30

25,584,120 / 3,306,000

8025h 39m
BLR since May / 2017

Founder of the BLR

Lisa_onTour (Lisa) and LAN_from_Italy (Cris)

with the best support from


and the nicest Players ever :-)

We have an essential goal as an attempt.....
BE FRIENDLY here....
...is the most important rule...

...and it works :-)


Erthling why do you ban me for no reason ?
5 months ago • 0 Like
Hello PoLen, i dont remember banning you by name and i dont see this name in the Banned list.
Do you have another name in-game?
2 months ago
According to BF4DB.com, you are banned
You have a very new account (39 hours game play only) with a Kill / Death ratio of 6.31 (Very high)
2 months ago
Pure admin (WopArse) thinking that he admin and should be how he said.. Banning people, because he wants.. Because i asked to leave attack heli, he banned me, because I'm are disrespectful... RLY??.. what a shit..
6 months ago • 0 Like
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXmZa5PereU [youtube.com]
9 months ago • 1 Like
Hi guys, I'd like to apply for BLR. I've been playing on the server for maybe just under a year, and I have been active in the discord voicechannel for some time now :)
Also pasted this in the discord server :)
9 months ago • 2 likes
@ Tony
(got kicked 31.10.2020 17:38 on Devils)

you're not a threat - you genius just didn't understand the rules. no missiles at TDM

keep living on in your shit motley world
11 months ago • 0 Like
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did any of you clever people understand that you are the ones who are toxic?
I have a problem with your double standards.
Do you know Pippi Langstrumpf?
You paint your world as you like it.

@Lan if you think that you have to attack me personally, you're issuing your own poverty certificate.

Keep up the work ...
10 months ago
I never had a problem with you until now so you've painted your own words as you like .... I won't bother you please return the favour ... Have a good life I wish you peace and prosperity
10 months ago
Hello to all. Yesterday there was an incident on your server. A player from the same team as me wanted only him and his friend to use the attack helicopter. As a pilot, he did the trick known to everyone, to lead you to death or to leave the helicopter. I complained to the administrators about the player's behavior and they discussing it. Worst of all was when WopArse, a member of BLR clan, threatened to kick me out of the game because I complained. I am sad for this.
My question is, what is the role of admins??
I agree with your most important rule of your server... BE FRIENDLY here!
SONEMATPI or IPTAMENOS an everyday, regular, normal... player :)
11 months ago • 1 Like
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Hi SONEMATPI I personally apologize about this; sorry really; maybe admins didn't understood the situation; sorry really
11 months ago
Τhank you for your solidarity. See you ingame!
11 months ago
Hello All,
why no maps like Goldmud Train or Zavod on your server?
It will be great...
1 year ago • 0 Like
Yes we also play golmud and zavod but the map are voted by players usually
11 months ago
Hey guys any chance of an unban? I think I was banned when I defended a team mate who got a kick for some silly reason. It was a good year or 2 ago. be nice to be forgiven if thats possible? I feel like ive done a fair time. cheers
1 year ago • 0 Like
Hey dude, sorry for the late reply, please join us here and try to appeal: https://discord.gg/VSVaKsK [discord.gg]
1 year ago
Hi all and thank you to WopArse for joing our Platoon. You are welcome on board :)
1 year ago • 1 Like
Yay :)
1 year ago
Thanks for not banning my ass yesterday guys. It's sad but true, many admins would ban for unbalancing and dominating server, I'm glad you didn't, I enjoyed that round very much. Here's a recording. Shame you don't know polish, but if you did, you would know it's all about flying smart and communication. It's not like I'm a hyperactive 13yo who's pixelshooting wiht godlike reflex. Enjoy:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmM1FphF9C8 [youtube.com]

Btw I have your teamspeak server on 'quick dial', so if you want to sort something fast during a round, just tell me to join.
Oh and if some of those shots were too close to base, just tell me. I will listen and adapt. Its different on every server.
1 year ago • 2 likes
Hi Wildcat_PL I apologize about misunderstanding but this kind of dominating disturbed many players what complained hard with admins. See you ingame friend
1 year ago
tgsohenelNetworX + ice1505
...kriegt ihr nichts geschissen? Jemand spielt besser und direkt nen Ban -witziger Haufen ;)
Wieeeee, 2500 Std als Admin sagst du???^^
vor 2 Wochen • 0 Like

Dude .,,, i got you on video ., where i spawn way in the back , you run AWAY from me... behind 2 buildings , i crouch in a corner with no glare.. and what did you do ? you came out of the building aimed STRAIGHT at me and shot... that is luck when it happends 1 time... not 4... clearly using some kind of hack..

1 year ago • 0 Like
Hello Guys, I have applied to join your amazing platoon. I hope you will accept my request, but whatever happens, thank you and see you in game. Lobo966
2 years ago • 0 Like
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Welcome :-)
2 years ago
Sorry Lobo ., hadnt had the time to check in here until now ., But already said welcome in game , but still WELCOME BUDDY...
2 years ago
Hi I'm late but merry christmas to you all :)
2 years ago • 1 Like
your always late ;) love u 2.... merry christmas mate ., and a happy new year
2 years ago
HAPPY new YEAR :-)
2 years ago
yea also from us , KoS,merry christmas!!!!!!!!
2 years ago • 2 likes
Thx capooooooooooooooooooo. merry x from BLR to KOS
2 years ago
Merry Christmas to all BLR friends
2 years ago • 2 likes
Merry xmas mate ., and a happy new year
2 years ago
guys i have a question: me and rpg= the biggest bully in the server XD?

what's ur thought on it :D?
3 years ago • 0 Like
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2 years ago
Bring em on. Ill shoot snaw's back at you :)
2 years ago
He Lisa_onTour a kurva mamid banned :D hacker platon
3 years ago • 0 Like
Ahjaaa.... The Reason for Ban are the perm insults of language.
3 years ago
well....i have report your Post....
2 years ago
Welcome Gunslinger2102 to our Platoon :)
Thank you and have fun!
3 years ago • 1 Like
3 years ago
Hey xDanilor welcome in our platoon :)
3 years ago • 1 Like
I had some time and made a small compilation of our last round.
It was very funny, maybe i'll make some more videos in the future. Check that out! :)
https://youtu.be/QI6Yk4R4psA [youtu.be]
3 years ago • 1 Like
thats cool :-)
3 years ago