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Website: www.saskmilitia.net • Created: 2014-02-27

19,963,916 / 3,306,000

6993h 28m

We are Sask Militia™ est 2011

Sask Militia's 360 and X1 Platoon

Sask Militia is a platoon that requires everyone in it to always play together. (No room for lone wolves!) We expect that all members communicate and use teamwork to win and have fun.

Competitive teams can be found with-in the platoon depending on what platform you play on. We have platoons across all platforms, links to those can be found below. If you have any questions come by our site and drop in the Comm Center.

SSKM (or Sask Militia™) is currently initiating a recruitment drive for our X1 division (though have a large following on all platforms).

We are an international social gaming community with members all over the globe. We are a community for all mature gamers. We provide a social network with a mix of current gaming reviews, blogs, interviews, and news articles. Though we are large in number, we are a very close knit group in terms of community and support.

Requirements to join:

- Must be 18+
- Change your tags to SSKM (360 members, X1 members must first apply to http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/8420518038688490756/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
- Register on our site and post an introduction about yourself in the New Member section, http://saskmilitia.net/forum/introductions/ [saskmilitia.net]
-Join our discord channel @ https://discord.gg/vM6nAmX [discord.gg]
- Read our New Member Cheat Sheet to Orient yourself to our platoon,http://saskmilitia.net/rules-of-engagement/ [saskmilitia.net]
(You will not be accepted until all of the above is done)

X1 Leadership:
* SSKM Dr Dre (Founder/Founder)
* SSKM RyTunes43 (Founder/Media Manager)
* SSKM W1NTER (Leader/Support)
* SSKM Reapre (Leader/Recruitment Officer/)
* SSKM Lethal (Founder/KINGS Comp Team Manager)
* SSKM CrimZon (Founder/Events Manager)

For a glimpse at what its like with Sask Militia, check out our latest Montage
https://youtu.be/Q2vAyvAS9Dc [youtu.be]

Sask Militia's PC Platoon
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/3090597886916446005/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sask-Militia/335848916441007 [facebook.com]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/saskmilitia [twitter.com]
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSaskMilitia [youtube.com]
BF1 Platoon Page/Group:
https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/group/144-sask-militia [forums.battlefield.com]

Concordia corroborat, Sumus fraternitate.
Unity is Strength, We are a brotherhood


Hope to see all SASK members preorder Battlefield 1 so we can tear it up together again
3 years ago • 5 likes
2 years ago
This is still active?
11 months ago • 0 Like
(SSKM) iCoNiC_Vanity : Fuck Cheater Platoon--Game Hacker
1 year ago • 0 Like
Everyone Please Go Re-Register on our website please!!
http://saskmilitia.net/ [saskmilitia.net]
2 years ago • 0 Like
Wazzup dudes rickelvy2009 looking to be back with u guys as AzTk VeT or RiaTaTaTaTa
2 years ago
new members who have just joined or requested to join please message me on xbox live. I will accept you once you have commented here as we are trying to weed out our inactive players again, was good to see a good 8 SSKM today on the Battlefield. HOOAH
2 years ago • 1 Like
October is going to be a great month indeed!!!!
3 years ago • 1 Like
Hey, guys! Pardon my extended absence. Looking to get back into it.
3 years ago • 2 likes
What's up guys I'm looking for a platoon match! Add me and message me if you accept my challenge !
3 years ago • 0 Like
This is for ALL current SSKM members please check in here by February 29th, 2016. If you don't post a simple checking in or here in this thread you will be Removed from the battle log platoon, This is to weed out the inactive people and to boost our active numbers. I will make a note on my computer of the people who have checked in currently we have 87 members in the platoon so i would like to see 87 names. Post your gamer tag and the date please. Thanks for your time and see you on the battlefield soldier.
3 years ago • 0 Like
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new recruit to platoon through R.O. Portside101 feel free to add
3 years ago
is it too late to say checking in?
3 years ago
Hello all tactical medic here if you need inv me GT HM Azriel
3 years ago • 1 Like
i was wondering if you guys were interested in co-op'ing with my revamped MILSIM platoon.....we need members on xbox one in order to really jump start the fun
Foxhounds leader
3 years ago • 0 Like
I would like to join. I have been looking for people who communicate and are tactically driven.
3 years ago • 0 Like
Hi, I am Lvl 1, am bad at Battlefield in general, and am not good at playing with a controller at all. Can I please join. Plix Plox Plix Plox
3 years ago • 1 Like
I might be Lvl 2 by tonight
3 years ago
add me man SSKM Lethal
3 years ago
Poppin' by. Looks like a chunk of the old BF3 guys I once played with are still here. Cheers and thanks for the memories.

3 years ago • 2 likes
played bf3 on 360 alot man.
3 years ago
Hi guys I'm 27 I love tactical and competitivity gameplay. GT FreakyBear Insn
3 years ago • 0 Like
If your account on our website was deleted, sorry. Doing a mass deletion of all non-user accounts.
3 years ago • 0 Like
Attention all SSKM members - please read.
We are working in re-organizing and re-energizing SSKM to better serve our members as we move forward.

- Work on a new web site is presently underway as we speak. Since doing this takes a lot of effort and time and is done voluntarily - no time frame will be available on when our new site will be up. But rest assured, once finished we will let you know.

- Part of our re-organizing work includes' purging our Battlelog members list to remove inactive members. This will be done based on our last membership roll call results. If you are removed and are still active and still want to be part of SSKM - no problem - SIMPLY RE-APPLY. Our goal here is not to upset anyone, but if you did not reply during the last roll call, we have no way in knowing if you are still active.

- In an effort to re-energize the platoon, we have been organizing some informal scrims with other platoons. This is an on going effort and the scrims are normally played during the weekends (mostly on Sundays). If interested, the person to contact is LethalDraven on XBL.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions on ways SSKM should move forward please message me on XBL - gamer tag is W1NTERR (only 2 R's)
3 years ago • 1 Like
If you are an active member of SSKM please post that you are still around. would like to plan a scrim for this Sunday January 24th 6pm MT (-600) Just wanting to figure out whos all around.Also if your not in the platoon chat please join as were always posting updates of whats going on in there.
If your a new member and need some direction please message me though battlelog or xbox live (LethalDraven) and i can help with whatever questions you may have.
3 years ago • 0 Like
This is a note to any Soldiers on Xbox one that would like to apply to become an SSKM member please visit our Recruitment platoon for Xbox one at http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/8420518038688490756/ [battlelog.battlefield.com] and apply there you must show activity within our forums located at www.Saskmilita.com and be continually active. We have monthly Check ins for each division of our platoon. If you need any other information please don't hesitate to ask or contact a leader. We welcome all new recruits we are just organizing our members and weeding out our inactive members and by following the necessary steps we all should have a better more organized platoon. HOOAH
4 years ago • 2 likes
Welcome X1 Recruits!!!
All are welcome to join Sask Militia Recruits Platoon (SSKr). Membership mandatory prior to earning promotion to full Militia Member. If you would like to join SSKM please ensure you do the following:
- Apply to SSKr, and update your Tags post acceptance
- Go to www.saskmiliitia.com, create a profile and post an introduction post in the "New Members" section
- Take a few moments to Read Through our Rulebook http://www.saskmilitia.com/sskm-rulebook/ [saskmilitia.com]
- Search XBL for our Silver Roster account titled "SSKMXbox Roster". Using the friends list associated with this account, add at least 5 members of SSKM plus all leaders as listed in the full presentation above.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact a leader of SSKM, or post a message below. We look forward to seeing each and everyone of you on the battlefield!!

*Written by SSKM_R3dneckGC
4 years ago
Just want to say that last night was a blast for me. Can't remember the last time we had two full squads of SSKM just tearing it up on the battlefield. A big shout out to Mr. LethalDravn for initiating this and to all that came, and yes that means you to Crimzon lol (who, buy the way, finished at the top of the leader board on a regular bassis). Can't wait for the next one.
3 years ago • 0 Like