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Website: teamsu.net/forum/ • Created: 2019-07-04

47,762 / 104,000

2030h 23m

----You will find us on Discord here----
https://discord.gg/Wz7nt4F [discord.gg]

Cmty Tags

By joining this platoon does not make you a full member off the Cmty, The platoon is Open to all.
The Platoon Tags are Celt

To become a Full Members there is rules and Requirements, Go to the celtsclan.com to find out more.
Full member Tags are CeltS_, You can not put on these unless you have been told you can by staff when applying to join.

About Us

This Platoon is full you can join our Second one please
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bfh/platoons/view/8135391880248305974/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Some info

CeltS is a new gaming cmty established in Feb 2020,

We are a small friendly group that are looking for new people to hang play games and have some fun.

You are invite to come join as part of our extended family, Pop on Discord and get to know us.

You do not need to become a Member to play games with us all are welcome.


The Server is for Gamers & Streamers to hang out & chill, talk gaming, play games and have fun.

You are all invited to join

Discord Link
https://discord.gg/Wz7nt4F [discord.gg]


We are a Chilled & Friendly bunch of Peeps that like to play games & have a laugh

We are looking for like minded Peeps to join us

We are not looking for Vast numbers just people that will fit in and most of all have fun

Recruiting is now Open


http://teamsu.net/index.php?/serverslist.html/ [teamsu.net]


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i want join TSU clan.
3 months ago • 1 Like
Just wanted to give a friendly shout-out to all the TSU guys on the public side of the message board so public visitors to the page can see it. These guys are cool as fuck, I took an immediate liking to them! MadDog & IrishAceKavo in particular, friendly dudes who get what gaming is all about!

I've run servers for BF4 & Hardline also CoD World @ War & Modern Warfare back in the day, so I know first hand how it can be difficult managing the miscreants that find their way to your server. Admins for the most part just want provide & play in a fucktard free, cheater free environment, they do all the work, yet get shit on by some ass-clown having a bad game or day, happens all to often. So anyway, kudos & big thank you to the TSU guys for running nice servers & being cool to their patrons. Keep up the good work, you guys ROCK!

~ThaSamsFknGuyAgn (AKA ~VortexOptix)
3 months ago • 0 Like
TeamSU have donated a server to the BFH Community to help with Gun unlocks and Assignments, different game modes etc. We thought this would be easier and less awkward to have to put PB and LF welcome. For changes, modes, bans, hit a team member of TSU staff up.
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bfh/servers/show/pc/3fdef764-27c6-48f0-a78f-5f3ab4a100ef/BFH-Community-Server-Gun-Unlocks/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Spread the word if you feel this is a thing that your clan might be interested in, its been a great success so far, that is why we want everyone come along and unlock, play, have a laugh.

Have a great day,
Mad <3
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Did you know, helping to start the BFH server in the morning will get your perks, if your just sitting on the server or playing.
No move Multibalance
No kick for Ping
Auto Reserved slot, no queuing
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for those who are new or forgot what we do, i made a post about our history http://teamsu.net/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/6782-a-bit-of-staff-history/ [teamsu.net]
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