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2 years ago • 6 likes
hello evryone admin Hurzius is abusing his/her admin rights more then once , i was playing shotgun and someone said "Fear can you stop it" so i said " i'm listening to music i got excited i usually play like a noob sry"
so he/she kicked for "silly" wth is that?! , and when i rejoined i asked what rule did i break so he/she didnt reply and kicked me again for "silly" , he/she hates me every time he/she the only admin currently online on the server either kick me while playing suav/ucav or move me to the other team after i push with the winning team and when i rejoin to ask what rule did i break for the kick she he/she replies nothing and i have all this recorded if you want a proof please talk to her/him or remove his/her admin rights thanks
3 weeks ago • 1 Like
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But dont play the Sherif on our Server to reporting them
3 weeks ago
Thanks hurz.
3 weeks ago
hey ZarCoFar why u kick me??? cuz i got 31/0 with tank?
1 month ago • 0 Like
why you kick me and ban my m8???

we have no same names, watch please...


7 months ago • 2 likes
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Damit du siehst das ich keinen Quatsch erzähle -> https://i.imgur.com/WmpeoIg.jpg [i.imgur.com]
7 months ago
https://imgur.com/j9MSLBA [imgur.com] HA HA ! gOTCHA! You IDIOTS!! :) *-_-*
2 months ago
Its sad that you now have a admin that uses admin abuses as soon the game doesent goes his way. JON you really are the first admin that act like a real bad person. and u do it in the name of JAH. Getting kicked for being an idiot is harasemnt enough. I hope u grow up and treat the gamers on the server more repectfull. I have been admin for 4 years myself, both on BF3 and Bf4. But i have never acting disrespectful.
2 months ago • 1 Like
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Jon T-Bags everyone.. Even himself.. From the time he joins to the time he leave he is bobbing round like a chicken pecking for worms. Just look here and you'll see. And this is the third video i did and they are all of him tbagging some or something https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdeV9Y5DN2Y&feature=youtu.be [youtube.com]
2 months ago
someone or something ^
2 months ago
Painkiller75_PL Could you explain why you perm kicked me? Yes I see wallhack but I can assure you I am not using any cheats and idk where from you took that. If it's about because I was killing you every time in that round then you must learn to play better, I always pre-fire enemy.
Now I know there are many other Pazuzu's but I ain't them.
So take your mind together show me the proof I use cheats on image or video and I shut up!
Beside why would I risk my account getting banned while being friends with DICE and EA people? Explain me that please.
I can go 1 vs 1 with you and I can show you, I will kill you every time, so why the fk I need cheats for? I was starting to like you but seems you turn everything around.
Even if you won't unban me there are plenty of servers to play.
I understand if you feel weak and it's ok, I was admin myself for 7 years so I know what power admin tool you have in hands, I hope you enjoying it.
2 months ago • 1 Like
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i did one of Hurzius as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPkJ1DLw74M [youtube.com]
3 months ago
re do this with "rave in the grave" arun chupa mate can can is shit!
3 months ago
kicking without reason thx , really nice
3 months ago • 2 likes
yes, really nice for the vip´s :D If there is no message to see it was a simple kick cause a vip joined - it is random. this time the system kicks you and maybe next time someone else.
3 months ago
Buy a VIP slot! No kick or swap and instant joining on full server! :) dance baby
3 months ago
painkiller75_PL why did I get perm from you for a normal game? I played according to rules.
3 months ago • 3 likes
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nice try :D but it is yours... accounts are linked -> https://i.imgur.com/D0mg4SY.jpg?1 [i.imgur.com]
3 months ago
Cheats however clever you think you are... dont care how much you spend on your cheats... when we catch you! and we WILL you are BANNED!! bye love :)
3 months ago
banned for suspected cheat? really? this is not a proof
omg u are so noob. Hurziu
3 months ago • 2 likes
pump shoot and cheat on another server love :)
3 months ago
painkıller,how old are u idiot! 0-5 age which one?claymores kill and kıcked server whats your problem me MORON?it was second! please do your job properly why are u afraid? !!P.TUTKA!!
4 months ago • 3 likes
clarified... ban is lifted since a few days. Sorry, i didn't read this message before... Have fun
4 months ago
thank u brot...
4 months ago
Dance and have fun to this...……..see you in game :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYW5PHqBwgM [youtube.com]
5 months ago • 1 Like
A piece of SHIT is what your Metro server has become. Especially with that retarded noob Hurzius, an admin, that has 400 plus service stars on XM25??? Didnt we have enough with tbaggin admin retard, Jon?
You guys need a severe clean up on your retard ranks. My platoon is out of Jah until then.

Have fun, or not.
6 months ago • 3 likes
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btw. we did a clean up and you are not out only "until then" ....
7 months ago
lol! what an angry little man.
7 months ago
Grüße! Hoffe es geht Euch allen gut! :)
9 months ago • 1 Like
loool realy !? why did they give me a ban on your server? Unreasonable groundless !
10 months ago • 2 likes
many complaints from lots players. impossible shots etc. I banned you all 64 players happy. please learn to play without aimbot./cheats JAH is FAIR and FUN have a nice evening :)
10 months ago
Kiplings_Error_3 this guy has ban me from JAH Server metro an i play normal he dont say nathing he bann me direkt vor nothing
11 months ago • 1 Like
I will contact the admin and you will get a reply a.s.a.p.
11 months ago
The Ban has been deleted. Have fun...
11 months ago
Hiho, maybe i like to join your clan or platoon. Joined to TS but no-one was there :( Filled in the "join-us" form but got no answer. What can I do further ?
11 months ago • 1 Like
Ich habe dir am 25.12. per Mail geantwortet...
11 months ago
Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year to all players on our servers!! here is to a FAIR and FUN! 2018 kind regards to all who read this : Jon
11 months ago • 3 likes
Hello Guys.. Pls screw the Metro Server up to 3200 Tickets :)
11 months ago • 0 Like
11 months ago
Hey Guys.. pls add me as a friend or regular player.. thx ;)
1 year ago • 3 likes
Hi. You can apply here http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/7975573081266023408/ [battlelog.battlefield.com] for our JAH-Warriors friends platoon...
1 year ago
yes i already asked 4 ;) thx m8
1 year ago
https://youtu.be/EfAVqyU5y2E [youtu.be] wtf? what banned for?
1 year ago • 1 Like
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u ban me with a link of a other guy shooting threw a pillar please tell me ?
1 year ago
No I did NOT! send name of Admin who banned you and we will take a look
1 year ago