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Website: area51platoon.co.uk • Created: 2020-10-03

3,992,741 / 3,306,000

1585h 56m
We are a multinational platoon and are always looking for new members to join our family. We have admins on the server 90% of the time to remove cheats and hackers so you can play a good game with friends.

We have a range of servers

Kill Servers
We have a wide range of servers from Large conquest on the madhouse to Gun master only, to view our full range of servers visit our website server page below or search AE51 in battlelog.
https://area51platoon.co.uk/servers/ [area51platoon.co.uk]

Dice Servers
We also operate several Dice Servers, these servers are use to unlock phantom dog tags and bows, the Dice LA camo and for completing assignment unlocks. Search AE51 in battlelog.

Join us on discord at https://area51.rocks [area51.rocks]

Visit us at https://area51platoon.co.uk/ [area51platoon.co.uk]


Faggot Hacks
16 hours ago • 0 Like
hey i would like to join this platoon, im a decent player and also i can help people with the Dog Tag locations
4 months ago • 1 Like
im already in discord
4 months ago
guys who are not difficult I need help with the task of the phantom on the elevator. who can help?
6 months ago • 0 Like
Guys ...seem u have a good cheater in your team .. KETAMIN ...nice
6 months ago • 0 Like
have fun !!
6 months ago
hello. i would like to join AE51 plz.
7 months ago • 1 Like
Hi MakeitRaingurl, please see the details above and follow the links and in a short time you can join us
7 months ago