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Website: desbl.de/index.php?public&site=showteam&tid=7382 • Created: 2016-05-21

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CompLeX eSports

Winner BF1 DeSBL T5 Domination Cup 2018
https://desbl.de/index.php?public&site=showteam&tid=7382 [desbl.de]

Watch the Final of the Domination Cup on the DeSBL Twitch side:
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/250783901 [twitch.tv]

The members from CompLeX eSports are experienced international eSports players coming from all over the world to share their passion for competitive gaming.

If you are interested in challenging CompLeX feel free to contact Kainzl or Aerooo_pro

You want to know how CompLeX is playing? -Watch their YouTube channels...
Sneaky: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3_2eBaItUZYUPdQ5dKTW_w [youtube.com]
Aerohttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpPJhImEyofjMW-85tPTT1Q [youtube.com]
Kainzl: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_rpeKMtncd8wvbByuryqpg [youtube.com]
AyZiXxhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZrpCweQzhnVhjnHb5HG9OA [youtube.com]

In august 2015 Kainzl joined the 'Rescue Fathers' team and a few months later Aero and Sneaky joined as well. They got to know each other, trained together and started in december 2015 to participate in several ESL Rescue Cups and in March 2016 they finally won their first Rescue Cup (ESL Rescue Cup #9 http://play.eslgaming.com/battlefield/pc/bf-hardline/open/5on5-rescue-cup-9-europe/ [play.eslgaming.com])
After several disputes inside Rescue Fathers Sneaky, Kainzl and Kin0o decided to create their own eSports Team called ExGens eSports 5v5. Sadly the ESL doesn't support Rescue Cups for Battlefield Hardline any more but Sneaky, Joseph and Kainzl still wanted to play competitively so they started to search for Privat Clan Wars (PCW's) and played against several Teams like Armata Squad, Team Jordan, Best Kept Secret and many more.
In September 2016 ExGens eSports and LaFamilia Gaming decided to merge, so ExGens eSports was part of the big Clan LaFamilia and was, based on that, called LF eSports ExGe Squad.
Now in March 2018 Aero and Kainzl refounded Aero's old BF3 eSports Team named CompLeX eSports and joined a cup sponsored by the German eSports League. Without a single lost match they won the Domination Cup on April 16th in 2018.


hello , i'm noob i wanna join your platon to be pro player like kinso
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If you want to challenge us for a private match feel free to post it here (BF4/BFH)
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Jo muss schauen ob ich noch paar Leute zusammen bekomm^^
2 years ago
Wie schauts aus?
1 year ago
Kins0o banning players for no reason <3
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PCW 5x5 ?
2 years ago • 0 Like
bf4 ,bfh ?
2 years ago