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Prepare 4 Battle with the Battlelog App

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The Battlefield 4 Beta is in full swing, and hopefully you are busy enjoying the Conquest and Domination modes on the epic Siege of Shanghai map.

To enhance your Battlefield 4 experience, make sure to download the Battlelog App if you haven’t already done so. Available on Android and iOS, the Battlelog App lets you interact and stay connected with Battlefield 4 on the go.

Stay updated with the latest Battlefield news. Customize your soldier’s weapons and vehicle loadouts. Create challenging Missions and compete against your friends. Or check out the Geo Leaderboards to find out who’s the best Engineer in your city.

The Battlelog App also informs you on what your friends have been up to, thanks to the Battlefeed. You can analyze the Battle Reports from your latest game rounds, and see how your favorite weapons stack up against each other – and much more.

Get the Battlelog App for Android
Get the Battlelog App for iOS

Learn more about Battlelog in our in-depth blog post at the Battlefield Blog.