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Played for:
• Team AtilaX
• Team Frostbite Artisan 5on5
• Team oC 8on8
• Team Italy @ World Cup 2014 BF4
• 10Hz Gaming
• catalystGaming.BF4 8v8

Playing for:
• Exertus EU 8v8

• Repaired Squirtle on the tank twice on Rogue Transmission
• Srawed Zhang 9 times during warm-up
• Saw Joe failing at knifing an AFK guy
• Voted 'YES' at a random poll Squirtle told me to vote
• Got banned from Nicz's stream after posting legendary link

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'My biggest achievement so far in my esport career is the fact that I have had the opportunity to play with Keno.' ExertusMatti - 24/06/2014

'I thought I was perfectly capable of flying jets at the highest level until I met KeNo; he really pushed my flying skills to a whole new level' -cG-Mattt 22/06/2014

'If he is on form, he can easily rape a whole team alone' Exertus|Rage 12/06/2014


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