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Welcome to the official account of the Holy Order of the Blackberry Hegemony! I am its current leader, properly referred to as the 'Grand Inquisitor,' although it is acceptable to use any variation of 'AS13' in anything other than a state meeting.
The Blackberry Hegemony, as you are aware, is an organization which strives to achieve common respect for all those who lack a gravatar on forumfield, as well as maintain rights once they are won. Our highest leadership, the Elderberries, dictate general directives over policy while lower branches operate with relative autonomy. The aforementioned Order is likely the most important section, given its focus on collecting intelligence and conducting direct operations in furtherance of our goals.
It should be said that while the Hegemony desires proper treatment of our kind, we do not condone the actions of renegade forumfielders who simply lack a gravatar. We merely refute condescension based on appearance.

Feel free to send an FR.