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40yrs old


Tanking Since 1942 - Desert Combat

110,000 plus MBT KILLS BF4 ( Across Accounts )

Genuine Australian ( Not an NZ Leaderboard Hopper )

If your quit ratio is over 25% "You Aint Legit" Period !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy playing against PUB stackers or balancing very unbalanced teams. Hence the low K/D. I despise Badmins, PUB stackers, stat padders, spawn rapers and anyone who quits at the first sign of a challege. Destroying circIe strafing, spawn raping Heli scrubs in bF2/BFBC2/BF3 was how i got good at the game.

I play weeknights to unwind, with beer, after long days at work when my kids and wife are asleep. I play Solo without mic as my kids will hear dad chatting and having fun and immediately get out of bed : )


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