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-- Actually inactive from BF4. Been playing a lot of Rainbow Six Siege --

I'm a casual gamer, I play many other game beside Battlefield; like others FPS, RTS, RPG and many others MMOs.

'Kuro Neko' is a Japanese nickname (クロネコ) and means black cat.

Neko = Cat and Kuro = Black. The PRT stands for PoRTugal. The country I'm from.

I'm an anime addicted and I love Japanese related stuff, as well its culture.

My anilist profile: https://anilist.co/animelist/NekoSensei

As for BF4, I mainly play fun, but I hate to lose.

Top things I disgust the most into BF series:

- Cheaters,
- Lazy people,
- Noobs,
- Campers,
- Tryhards,
- Bad/Mad Administrators.

About those who accused me of cheating:
- Me and my whole clan does cheat, I admit.
- We paid good money for it, it's undetectable.
- And we can't get banned.
More info on our website: http://redtugas.tk/

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Time accused of cheating: Lost count.
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