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Just another cocky sucker who prefers to play in noob team
Not good in anything except for RAAGGGGEEEEEEEE
i am also known as looping cunt, jet noob, Famas-tard

Feeding on tears of my haters

Admins ban me with message: я ноб! Я хочу быть похожим на тебя

Left DF since 15/08/17

"if you think you are a good player
make this game balance
do not crush noobs"

Highest killstreak: 121

Ace Aviator #1 India

Conquest montage

infantry montage
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFly6SeQVA0 (7650M) finnaly 1080p :')

Dogfight footage:

Look at the sky ! you will see bright shining beam of light ! thats my bullet trying to hit 2 meter away target !

thanks dice for all the autism :-)
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