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Founder of eXodus eSports

Retired Competitive 8v8/10v10 Armor and Jet

2k17 was actually funny~

Da Homies-->
Skrux, Relo, Cookies, Burt, Spades, Pub, Obvs, Adamic, Electrify, MXT, Anto and Cock-o

My Twitch :

My PC Setup/Office:

~Personal/Team Achievements~
★1st ~ CCS Season 2 Tier 2 (eXo)
★1st ~ CCS Season 3 Tier 2 (VrTx)
★3rd ~ CCS Season 3 Tier 1 (eXo)
★4th ~ BCL Transatlantic Invitational (eXo)
★4th ~ ESL Nightcup #6 (GRN)
★5-8th ~ BCL Summer Cup (GRN)

~Former Teams~
eXodus eSports
eXodus 8s
Vertex Gaming
Green eSports
Team Verta
ESF Team
Particle Gaming
Team 7
Trifection eSports
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