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Team 2EASY (2012):

Team Sweden.BF3 Player for Clanbase Nations Cup (8on8) - 2012
Team Sweden.BF3 Captain for Clanbase Nations Cup (8on8) - 2013
Team Sweden.BF4 Captain for ESL Country Championship (8on8) - 2014

#1 BNL BF3 S3.S4.S6 8on8 Nordic league, ESL etc and various other shits.

"They say remember the Gods, remember the Legends... But dont forget Da TanK"

"God made the World in 6 days and on the 7th day he was lining up for an autograph from GoJMe" //Hupsux
"When GoJMe do push ups he doesnt push himself up, he pushes the World down"
"R.I.P GoJMe. Lived like a GOD, died like a LEGEND <3" //Zylvania
"GoJMe thinks like Nike, Just Do it!" //ToXiC
"GoJMe is like Jesus, everyone talks about him but noone has actually seen him" //Bink0
"The only thing I like from Sweden is IKEA and GoJMe" //Alphadawg
"Sweden you give the world too many legends: Swedish House Mafia, Otto Knows, Avicii, Alesso and GoJMe" //Miedz
"World Class Player" // Zh1nt0


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