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Ok, so, I have a vagina, this conversation can't be avoided. I have one, I'm sorry if you feel it threatens your manhood, but I'm still going to kick your ass, and then v-bag your face (which most of you won't mind anyway, I'm sure) *shrugs* It's a win/win situation.

My name is Cat, but you can call me Skies. I'm not a "gamer girl", I'm all woman, and I'm not at all typical. Sure, I present myself well, my hair is combed, my makeup is "on fleek", and yes, I am a lady. I say please and thank you, I sit with my legs closed, and I know how to hold a cup of tea, but don't let my well bred mannerisms fool you, lest you underestimate my particular set of skills. Yes, I can crochet a wicked cool quilt, but I can also wipe your entire squad, and C4 your precious armored vehicle, killing everything you love in a matter of seconds... and I didn't even break a nail. *looks at nails for dramatic effect*


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