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- Music Producer
- Gamer
- Video editor
- Self-Improvement
- Senpai in the streets
- I have a habit of having no habits.

& If life is short then we'll be the shorts of the Fab Five.

- Nyctophiliac. Synesthetic.

- May you discover love in your laughter. may everything you’ve desired run through your veins, and may that conversation be enough.
- May you be the closest thing to heaven.

| May you subsist gracefully. fathom your thoughts. love heavily. receive positive energy. breathe for yourself. live life with an open hand. |

For those who don't hear it enough:
You are important.
You always have been.
You always will be.
Place more focus on growing and less on the things & people that hold you back.

Don't be like everybody else.
Actually, don't be like anybody else.

Be exceptional.

May your wants be haves and your thoughts be things.