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Website: teamsu.net/forum/ • Erstellt: 22.05.2015

11.775.089 / 3.306.000

7633S 25M

----You will find us on Discord here----
https://discord.gg/HMcDRRf [discord.gg]

Cmty Tags

By joining this platoon does not make you a full member off the Cmty, The platoon is Open to all.
The Platoon Tags are TSUG

To become a Full Members there is rules and Requirements, Go to the teamsu.net to find out more.
Full member Tags are TSU, You can not put on these unless you have been told you can by staff when applying to join.

About Us

This Platton is full you can join our Second
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bfh/platoons/view/8135391880248305974/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Some info

TeamSU is a new gaming cmty established in June 2019,

We are a Partnered cmty with Streamers Unified Streaming Cmty.

We are a small friendly group that are looking for new people to hang play games and have some fun.

You are invite to come join as part of our extended family, Pop on Discord and get to know us.

You do not need to become a Member to play games with us all are welcome.


TeamSU is part of Steamers Unified Discord Server

The Server is for Gamers & Streamers to hang out & chill, talk gaming, play games and have fun.

It is also a supportive Streaming Cmty Discord for Streamers to Support, Network, collaborate and share.

You can also Self Promote your Streaming channels

You are all invited to join

Discord Link
https://discord.gg/HMcDRRf [discord.gg]


We have just set up a TeamSU June 2019

We are a Chilled & Friendly bunch of Peeps that like to play games & have a laugh

We are looking for like minded Peeps to join us

We are not looking for Vast numbers just people that will fit in and most of all have fun

Recruiting is now Open


http://teamsu.net/index.php?/serverslist.html/ [teamsu.net]


For Re-Tweet Tag & Follow


----You will find us on Discord here----
https://discord.gg/nMR9Af5 [discord.gg] use this
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Hey We have setup a BFH server please come and play on it we are trying to keep BFH alive on PC as it is a Awesome game and we love it, It is CQ & HW these could change over time.

--- Link ----
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bfh/servers/show/pc/aed36465-3209-46bb-8f81-686f08e11141/TKGaming-CQ-HW-Votemap-No-Rules-PBBans-teamkavo-com/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Much Love
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