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Website: www.rocketblast.com • Created: 2014-02-27

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http://bit.ly/rbapply [bit.ly]

http://community.rocketblast.com [community.rocketblast.com]

Rocket Blast AB is a Swedish RSP that has been active within the Nordic gaming scene since 1999.
You might have seen our work in some of the most well managed servers in the history of Battlefield - Bredbandsbolaget, Spelarenan/PlayZeek and the biggest retailer in Sweden are some of the servers we are behind.
We are a handful dire gamers that want to make sure that future generations get to live through what we did a few years ago.

We are actively working on establishing gaming communities in Sweden by several different approaches.
One is public gaming, letting large companies sponsor servers that are well managed and maintain a supreme gaming experience.
Another one is private game server hosting at a low costs while keeping the highest quality possible.

We have several partners and want to add to our family as long as it benefits gaming in general. If you have an idea or want to discuss something please contact us and we will get back to you.

Now, go frag some digital buttox!


We are shutting down all services 2015-12-31!

Important notice to all of our customers. We regretfully have to inform you that we need to close down all of our services by the end of the year.
For more details please read the news on our website.
https://www.rocketblast.com/ [rocketblast.com]
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;-; sad ;---;
3 years ago
Wessmarc koipf zu wenn man nichts drauf hat
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Hi guyz! We looking for teams who wanna play some CQL/DOM 10-12 vs 10-12 team vs team. ADD ME / PM ME . We have our server PrimaSort.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqmoRLzgTkYt4lT7A6wLXZA [youtube.com]
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Please join the admins this Friday in BC2 server #02, go to forum for more info - http://community.rocketblast.com/index.php?topic=252.0 [community.rocketblast.com]
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i will join next time with some celts :)
3 years ago
Who can help me to run a procon layer with server?
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I'm not able to register on the Rocket Blast forum. Tells me the control questions are incorrectly answered. I wonder what the answers should be?
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Due to a server relocation our servers will experience outage on July 22nd.
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Servers are down currently, they may take a few hours
to get back online.
4 years ago
All servers have now been moved and installed at the new location. Thank you all for your patience and good grace. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the guys helping out with the move. Leo and Daniel, you are awesome. A big thanks to Portlane that provided us with both excellent help and advice during the move.
There was one server that did not start and we will try to find the problem with it asap and also get the servers that were running on them up on another machine. If you had your server on game05.rocketblast.com ( please contact support
4 years ago
killerwhalsam i have ask for u. On ROCKET BLAST RESCUE servers need 6!!! players to start game. Can u fix like it was before? 2 or 4 ppl to start Please
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We need a team balance on ur server, the current teams make the game borring . Thx :)
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