[T62] Taser Lovers

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Creado: 13-08-2018

178 401 / 190 000

2 630 401
1248 h 5 m
This platoon is intended to be a showcase of Battlefield Hardlines Legendary & welcome all nationality,
Our conditions r too short and ez ::

1- Be fast like the light and taser the whole enemy team
2- Play only taser
3- Have fun
4- Don't tbag the enemy a lot
5- have to be BFH player
6- have respect to be respected

T 6 2 C e W <3


those with issues after origin update
Fix for Battlog activation error 4/16/2019
Use IE nothing else make sure you have Plugin
on battlwog screen hover mouse over your name top right screen click settings turn off Use plugin-free game launching and make sure IE is your default browser
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Hi mamah_95 : Dont worry about the ban on the server...I unbanned you and i will give you VIP the next time i go on the ProCon Layer..( the controls for the server ) It's ok to make mistake, but if someone else does it to you then i WILL F**K THEM up and ban !! Thanks for letting me know.
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