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Sitio web: www.pb-clan.de • Creado: 24-11-2014

9 870 621 / 3 306 000

9 870 621
9522 h 54 m
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We accept only Members to the Platoon who are registed on our Website: www.pb-clan.de
Please make sure, that you have this Platoon as aktive and the ClanTAG active.

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Well done guys for running best EU server. Congrats Anti
Hace 3 años • 6 ʺMe gustaʺ
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admin suck my dick !!!
1 week hace
admin suck my dick !!!
1 week hace
I like your servers ^^, also the only one that's running the DLC :p
Hace 3 años • 14 ʺMe gustaʺ
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Admin suck my dick !!!
2 weeks hace
Admin suck my dick !!!
1 week hace
euer server ist ja mega geil, aber bei manchen karten (ablenkung) mit 60 mann ist einfach lächerlich zu spielen. ;/ da kann man nicht mal spawnen ohne direkt gekillt zu werden !!
Hace 3 años • 1 Me gusta
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Wird der Manager die Strafe entfernen?
6 months hace
Guten Tag, liebe Admins Server, habe 2 Tage gespielt und wieder Punkbuster Kicks, permanentes Bann. Was ist passiert?
5 months hace
HI Nice servers! Good job
Hace 3 años • 10 ʺMe gustaʺ
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kirsche1189 меня забанил за аимбот если он рукажоп я почуму должен так страдать
почкму такии слобаки решают каво банить ?!!!
1 year hace
Hello, I really like your servers, but I was banned on your servers # PB for the fact that the sniper sat above the roofs of the houses, please spread, I will not do that any more.
1 year hace
Einen großen Dank an dieses Platoon! Mit Euren Servern tragt Ihr erheblich viel zu diesem Spiel bei! Weiter so^^^...Gruß
Hace 3 años • 2 ʺMe gustaʺ
Schönes Platoon, schöner Server. Meine Favoriten.
Hace 3 años • 5 ʺMe gustaʺ
danke :-)
3 years hace
Bestes squad in Battlefield!!!
Hace 3 años • 5 ʺMe gustaʺ
THX for compliments...
3 years hace
i live in japan.
and i wanna play this game... BFH
ur server is full of player in the world.

but i'm always kicked.
i know reason. High ping is hated by everyone...

how can I play on this god damn fucking GOOD server?
should i pay money?

plz lemme play...D;
Hace 1 semana • 2 ʺMe gustaʺ
1 week hace
WHY ME kikck ???? WTF
Hace 2 semanas • 2 ʺMe gustaʺ
keep getting kicked? whyyyyy?
Hace 2 meses • 2 ʺMe gustaʺ
Me too did you work out why?
1 month hace
non si capisce un cazzo ahahhaahah
2 weeks hace
mi avete cacciato perchè ho usato l'rpg per errore e adesso sono passati 2 giorni , e non posso entrare nei vostri server
Hace 2 semanas • 0 Me gusta
2 weeks hace
Proxy-Server-IP-banned by fa-str-01
Proxy-Server-IP-banned by fa-str-01
Proxy-Server-IP-banned by fa-str-01

admin suck my dick
Hace 2 semanas • 0 Me gusta
Your servers is Great but admins in it is dickheads!
Hace 2 semanas • 1 Me gusta
warum werde ich geh bannt
bann (Grund: highroof-glitching = Ban, next is )
Hace 3 semanas • 1 Me gusta
Best Junk Server。
Hace 4 semanas • 1 Me gusta
open me access please .. I didn't know the rules..Excuse me..I don't speak English
Hace 1 mes • 1 Me gusta
Разблокируйте меня пожалуйста) больше не буду применять взрывчатку. Я был не в курсе что нельзя
Hace 1 mes • 0 Me gusta
I would like to speak that I am Brazilian and I want to play on the server of vcs but I can not because smp I take kicked of an adm of the served for reasons of ping but there is no server more Brazilians only has that now as I do for plays without taking kicked
Hace 1 mes • 0 Me gusta
Christmas is here! Give amnesty and get back to the server. I did everything
Hace 3 meses • 1 Me gusta
So it could be around Christmas
Hace 3 meses • 0 Me gusta