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This isn't a platoon this is a discussion group:
So that all the players can talk to each other live without friendship.


Thanks for my short time, being kicked after 1 hour, this dont change anything PB and LF, always welcome on our servers. I thought this was a discussion group for hardline and for all BFH clans to have a voice, nice to be nice... see you all around, dont forget DLC 1 on for a week :)
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Sorry you are in a war with us... You have do this: http://pb-clan.de/index.php?attachment/233-pasted-from-clipboard-png/ [pb-clan.de] And you write it in YOUR forum: http://pb-clan.de/index.php?attachment/238-sucm-are-ddos-the-servers-team-news-teamsu4-pdf/ [pb-clan.de]
You can't do that with your innocent nature. It was a great community and it still is. You bring in your side restlessness. And after all that was already everything I believe you really nothing more. I just don't want to have anything to do with you anymore. EA is already on the problem. The IP's from the server requests have already been logged. You don't even use your own accounts here that's pathetic. You use an existing player base. I.e. you use accounts to push that don't even belong to you. Exactly THAT violates the Tos of EA. And with the action against my servers you made yourselves also punishable. I still wait for feedback from EA. Here in Germany I have already made a charge. Everything else will result
4 days hace
again you never listened to anything i said, you just keep going on and on about the same thing, please try to move on and let us all live in peace. i will not reply to this anymore as you are not listening, you are only seeing it personally and not as a community BFH community, one last time, LF and PB, i think there is only Anx left in PB anyway, are welcome on our servers. Stop making it personal please and move on dude. side note: LF add Hollywood Hills to your BM server, nice changes you made there, we backed off with our BM server, nice job :) Much Love TSU <3
4 days hace
i need help :D
i tap the game in me library and the game gived me this site on microsoft enge and i cant play
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Hey Guys,
I had the Problem with the activation but solved it with a few tipps. But when I start my game now, it is loading endless. I Need help
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And you still can not play? The game does not start?
(it's better that you ask your question in the line of discussion)
5 months hace
Hi guys

still got a shit ton of footage of BFH and decided to start editing and upload it to youtube. Can only work on it when i have some spare time. Most of stuff i recorded are fails or when i got killed on a crazy way by one of you guys. On this moment only 2 clips, more will be coming soon..

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPI_kyuUwEW7HYy9s4rpdCw [youtube.com]

Cheers! :)
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Thank you it's great!
6 months hace
A solution to get played despite the bug code activation request, use Internet Explorer and NO other even Microsoft Edge does not work, then in your account settings uncheck the box "Game Launch - Use plugin-free game launching " it should launch the game without launching the code activation request of the Origin application.
Watch this video for help u:
https://youtu.be/vvzfZ-G8JYE [youtu.be]
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Merry Christmas: :D
https://youtu.be/zKkITmfMhTg [youtu.be]
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hello guys,,so why only 10 plaeyrs in PB4??
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This isn't a clan of combat like the others, here everyone can be part of it.
The friend list is normally limited to 100 players, and clan groups have their rules and their own selection of players, but for this group there is no number limit or selection and everyone can invite his friends to be part of it, that's why everyone is leader.
If a player has a problem, or wants to trade with others, he can do it here.
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hi ;)
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for my friend .... lol

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDchfHvM7s8 [youtube.com]
11 months hace
DUREX hmmmmm :)
11 months hace
Hello everyone thank you for being here, You understand that this is not a game clan like any other.
The goal is to be able to meet somewhere to talk to each other if needed. As a leader you can add as many players as possible to your friends list.

Here my YouTube channel with all games and all players I met!
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoCnj0PT8F5Y0O1SEcOo7_Q [youtube.com]
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