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Zero-downtime Update, Dec 3rd 2013

DK Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2013-12-11 14:38
- The feed event when transferring your soldier/stats from current-gen to next-gen has been re-enabled
- Smaller avatars are now used in the Xbox One in-game Battlelog to improve loading time
- You will no longer join empty servers when using quickmatch in Tablet Commander
- Popup dialogues are now scrollable in the Battlelog tablet app
- You now leave the Group Chats by just clicking the "x" close button
- When using the QR code for sign-in, you're now automatically signed in on tablet when entering the right code in-game
- Better hover effect for upcoming Battlepacks to track on the Battlepacks page
- Various minor improvements for the Tablet Commander app menus and matchmaking

- Improved error handling with BattleScreen in Smartglass
- Facebook like popup is no longer cut off in news posts
- Default avatar is now shown with in-game notifications, if the user doesn't have an avatar set
- The "away" state for users in the Com Center now works again
- Fixed an issues where friends would sometimes show up several times in the Com Center
- Fixed an issue on the stats/unlocks pages, where the details box would sometime be shown in the bottom of the page
- Clicking "Commander" in the Android tablet app now shows the correct popup
- Fixed an issue where the SPM score showed up as NaN in the BF3 section
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't create Platoon emblems in the BF3 section
- The "Use system language" option in the tablet app is now handled properly
- The cogwheel for individual weapons in Loadout now works in IE10
- The "Add as favorite" button is now shown again for Battle Reports
- The "Middle King" assignment now has the time criteria displayed properly
- Various minor fixes for the Battlelog tablet and mobile app
- Various minor fixes for the Tablet Commander menus
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