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Battlelog Update, November 11th 2014

SE Enlisted: 2013-03-26
2014-11-11 10:22 , edited 2014-11-11 16:42 by skorpan1337


- You now see the progress until the next rank Battlepack on the Battlepacks page.


- Premium page now shows content in the Portuguese locale.
- Store no longer shows BF4 as being in Pre-order when playing from a Game Time account.
- Fixed several instances of default profile picture being broken.
- Fixed font size to fit promo headlines in the Store.
- Fixed issue with applying paints in BF4 Loadout.
- Fixed Kit Shortcut store links on other people's stats pages.
- Reduced the frequency of the "Could not communicate with BF4" error message, which previously was displayed incorrectly.
- Fixed so that "Top Performances" are now displaying your actual top performances.
- Fixed PS3 icon not being visible when the "Soldier" tab was selected.
- Issue with broken HTML in UGM when on PS3 or PS4 should now finally be fixed.
Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.