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Episode 8 freezing at airfield

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2015-03-22 20:20
Xbox one, looks like ps4 has the same issue from reading other posts. Not a platform issue. Spoke to some foreigner in live chat, said to post here and a techie would correct the issue. What a joke EA, you have been using this pass the buck routine for too long. Piss poor customer service in my book.
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2015-03-22 20:24
I also have this issue on the Xbox One. After one of the longest episodes I'm really frustrated to have to start this one over again. Had the same sort of iisue in BF4 and it took months to get resolved. Since this is the first real issue with Hardline, I'll stay a little calm........
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2015-03-24 04:26
This is happening on PS4. EA needs to fix this.
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2015-03-24 16:14 , edited 2015-03-24 19:36 by watchallhd
Just got it last night. Was firing the gun in the plane & died game was re loading but no go just stayed on the spinning blue arrow thing. ( PS4 ) Tried restarting the game but it won't load back into that part of the Episode. will have to restart the episode over ( which i don't mind but would be nice for a fix )

UPDATE: I restarted the episode. I died in the same place as above BUT this time had no issues was able to go on.
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2015-03-24 18:22
I also have this issue
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2015-03-25 00:30 , edited 2015-03-25 21:48 by Ceaser2255
I've been having the same problem for the last 3 days. EA tech guys fix it sooner then later!!! Should we all just return your half assed game or what?
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2015-04-02 21:36
Frozen on load screen of Ep8 as well. XboxOne.
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2015-04-03 18:34
Well I guess it's not just me
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2015-04-07 04:05
Just died while shooting the airplane gun during the end part of Episode 8, and now it won't reload
. I'm playing on XBOX 360. Game is just froze while the blue arrow spins and spins. Any advice?
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2015-04-17 08:00 , edited 2015-04-17 08:00 by LexHeyden
Mines freezes on XB1 at the exact same spot as ESKO5150. I shouldn't have to restart an episode I beat because of a bug. I tried taking the game out, power cycling my system, doing a hard reset on my system and the game is stored on a external HD. This sucks EA!
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2015-04-22 03:07 , edited 2015-04-22 03:08 by Davegetum
this sucks----episode 8 crash everytime!!! EA needs to refund for the game, can't even freaking play without having to replay Ch 8 from beginning everytime.
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