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Battlelog Update, Oct 27th 2015

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2015-10-27 12:59 , edited 2015-10-27 13:01 by otakkuma
For this release, the Battlelog team focused on a few features and improvements requested by the community:

Features & improvements:

• Increased number of platoons you can be member of to 9
• Increased platoons level cap to 50 from 25
• Added possibility to edit platoon TAG
• Added possibility to set personal emblem as your platoon emblem
• When revisiting Battlelog, you are now directed to the last game section visited
• Added expansion icons for “Night Operations” and “Community Operations” for BF4 in Server Browser result list
• Updated ping bars and values in Server Browser to mirror the ones in-game
• Added tick rate filter and info in Server Browser and Full Server Page
• Added live scoreboard for Gun Master game mode
• Improved claiming of Community Mission rewards in the in-game Battlelog


• Shortened the name for "Operation Firestorm 2014" in certain languages in the server browser
• Cancel button is now visible in UGM when language is set to Russian
• Battlelog mobile app does no longer default to English on iOS 9
• Owned BFH viral patches are now visible on Battlelog
• When kicked by Punkbuster the message will no longer be truncated
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Thread is locked.