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Battlelog Update - Nov 3rd 2015

SE Enlisted: 2013-01-04
2015-11-03 10:07
Here is the detailed list of changes and improvements included in this update:

Features & improvements:

• BFH expansions got an improved layout in Store
• Tickrate is now more accurately displayed in the Server Browser
• Improved UGM wrapping when browser window is resized
• Enabled option for admins to disband any given Platoon
• Improved positioning of your BFH agent when viewed on the BF4 profile page


• Fixed issue with misplaced Close icon in UGM
• Added correct DCL icon for M60 ULT in BF4 Stats page
• Stats for M60 ULT is now tracked correct in the BF4 Stats page
• Fixed issue in the Emblem Editor where shapes might become unresponsive
• "Cash" is now displayed correct in shared BFH Battle Reports
• Players are now sorted correct in BFH Battle Reports when viewed in the in-game Battlelog
Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.