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Battlelog Update - Jan 12th 2016

SE Enlisted: 2013-01-04
2016-01-12 14:38
Here is the detailed list of changes and improvements included in this update:

Features & improvements:

• Getaway Expansion Pack for Battlefield Hardline released
• Added tooltip to display requirements for unlocking Paint in the BFH Loadout
• Added Expansion Pack icons to Syndicate assignments for BFH
• Updated the description for the Safecracker assignment patch
• Improved how the UGM displays server details when web browser window isn’t maximized


• Fixed broken link on BFH gate page
• Fixed issue in BF4 Leaderboards where users were sometimes displayed as competing in wrong division
• Heist Battle reports will not appear correct in the in-game Battlelog
• Fixed issue where the browsers' back key functionality sometimes broke page formation
• Throwing Knife Gold for BFH now displays correct Expansion Pack
• Fixed formatting issues for BF4 full server pages in Russian/German
• Sorted out BFH Battle Report listing for Premium/non-Premium users
• Fixed formatting issues occuring in BF4 Server Browser Tickrate sections for various languages
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Thread is locked.