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Zero-downtime Update, Nov 14th 2013

DK Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2013-12-11 14:35
- Internet Explorer 9 is no longer a supported browser, in order to support newer browser features. Please upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer or use Firefox or Chrome.
- Battlelog now supports Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4

- Added Live Scoreboard in the Server Browser and Server Info page for (Battlelog plugin needed)
- Added a Full-Screen button to BattleScreen
- Effect is now shown in BattleScreen when getting or setting orders
- View attributes for weapon accessories in Loadout
- Weapon attributes in Loadout now take attached accessories into account
- Unlocks on the vehicle stats page now shows name and criteria
- Add button to View Accessories for weapons in the weapon stats page
- You can no longer change weapons and other items when viewing someone else's Loadout
- Added a button to Hide Locked weapons and items in Loadout
- Added a button to only compare Base Stats when comparing weapons in Loadout
- You can now customize accessories for a weapon in Loadout without first selecting it, by clicking the cogwheel
- Console users can now access the Play Now tab to learn about game modes
- We now show if you have not yet met the threshold for a leaderboard
- Redesigned the Soldier stats area in the in-game Battlelog to also show Emblems
- In-game Battlelog now uses scrolling text if the text overflows the visible area
- Commanders are now shown in the Scoreboard for the in-game Battlelog
- Added a feed event if you transfer stats from a current-gen to a next-gen version of Battlefield 4
- Unlock and award Suggestions are now also based on what is popular to track in the player community
- Better messaging when trying to remote join servers in the tablet app
- Various improvements to the weapon and vehicle stats pages
- Various improvements to Loadout on touch devices
- Various improvements to the in-game Battlelog

- Fixed an issue with showing top game modes on the Soldier Overview page
- Fixed an issue with the refresh button on the Server Browser page not working
- Fixes for running in small resolutions
- Fixed an issue where your own avatar didn't show in Top Friends under Campaign
- Score-based prizes in Battle Report now correctly uses the raw, unboosted scores
- BattleScreen no longer auto-activates when joining as Commander or Spectator
- BattleScreen no longer auto-activates when joining BF3 or MOHW games
- Fixed an issue where forum signatures could exceed 1000 characters
- The Battlelog widget on PC now only includes friends playing BF4 on PC
- Better handling of long usernames in the Battle Reports scoreboard
- Fixed an issue in the Server Browser on tablet, where sorting the list would double-tap the columns
- Fixed an issue in the Server Browser on tablet, where pings didn't show correctly for all servers listed
- Clicking "Mobile Version" in the footer will now correctly loaded the mobile site with your currently selected language
- The details box for the stats, unlocks, awards and assignment pages now stick to the top of the screen, when you scroll the page
- Fixed issues where the screen isn't un-dimmed after closing a popup
- Fixed an issue on the stats details page, where some numbers showed up as NaN
- Fixed an issue with the emblem editor, where you could drag-and-drop locked items to the canvas
- Comments to Missions are now limited to 255 characters
- Vehicle unlock Suggestions now correctly link to the vehicle unlocks page
- Various leaderboards issues fixed
- Various other minor issues fixed
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Thread is locked.