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Zero-downtime Update, Feb 11 2014

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2014-02-11 09:23 , edited 2014-05-07 20:30 by TheBikingViking
We are updating Battlelog on the web today, and will be rolling out the mobile update in the coming days. Details on the mobile app update to follow later.

- When you use the Battlelog mobile or tablet app after this update, you will be presented with a EULA acceptance screen that we legally have to present to users of the app. Please read and accept the EULA to continue using the app.
- Second Assault content is now available on Battlelog to match the in-game experience. News on Second Assault will follow soon.

- Improved categorization of Dog Tags so they are better structured(sorry, this was incorrectly posted - this will come at a later date!)
- Better error message when trying to access BattleScreen on a server that has it disabled
- You can now see the number of Mission invites, and if none, number of Active Missions on Home in the Missions box
- You can now see the available keyboard controls on the Emblem Editor page
- Tweaks to the Suggestions algorithm to ensure that Battlepacks work better in the system
- Various minor tweaks and improvements

- Fixed an issue with duplicate servers sometimes appearing in the Server Browser
- Added missing Battlelog soldier portraits that were handed out in Battlepacks
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't equip campaign dog tags in the mobile app
- Best Class in Battle Reports are now showed as N/A if you got no kit score
- The report button for individual players in Battle Reports now shows up correctly in Firefox
- Fixed an issue in the opened Battlepack popup, where items would sometimes not be rendered in order
- Fixed an issue where you sometimes couldn't manually track Suggestions, when viewing them in the Stats pages
- Premium Calendar now show end dates for events, where applicable
- Fixed an issue with BattleScreen that made it not load when using it for Xbox One
- Fixed an issue with friends not always being shown in the "Playing Battlefield 4" category when actually playing in the in-game Battlelog on PS4 and XB1
- Various display issues fixed and improved with the in-game Battlelog on PC, XB1 and PS4
- Various minor fixes
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